24th July 2017

Is SLPP's Diabolical Plans to Influence the APC Flag-bearer Position True?

By a press release (27/03/17)

Diabolical plans by the Sierra Leone People's Party SLPP to influence the All People's Congress Party APC flag-bearer post have been exposed. 

Credible sources  from Bo have informed us that two former SLPP Vice Presidents, Solomon Ekuma Berewa and Joe Demby are allegedly planning a meeting in Bo to show support for current Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh for the upcoming APC presidential bid. (Pictured: SLPP former VP Solomon Berewa with VP Victor Foh, left).

The report says the two  SLPP former Vice Presidents supported by a controversial business  man, Bami Kaindor are bent on creating the impression that since Independence no southerner i.e. from the Mende ethnic group, had ruled Sierra Leone and this could just be an opportunity through Mr. Victor Foh.

In a rather deceptive and criminal distortion of facts, Solomon Berewa and Joe Demby have presented northerners in the APC as power thirsty who will not allow south-easterners to lead the APC party. 

It is also revealed that plans are underway to involve mercurial politician Charles Margai but they are apprehensive that he might reject them or even go public about it.

Vice President Foh is expected to visit his village to open newly constructed markets and other structures. It has been agreed that people from the south would converge in Bo to declare their support for VP Foh for the APC Flag-bearer. 

What keeps staggering peoples' imagination is why should discredited SLPP politicians like Berewa and Demby want to leave the SLPP to influence the selection of Victor Foh as candidate for APC flag-bearer? But sources close to VP Foh denied any knowledge of this plan.


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APC Must Drop Complacency to Win the 2018 Elections!

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Civil Servants Caring for Parties than Country Have No Place in Sierra Leone!!

By N'Bompa Turay (09/07/17)

In Sierra Leone, many civil servants, who are supposed to be above politics by serving any government honestly, are sadly doing otherwise!! Shame on them.

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