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24th May 2018

High Value Diamond Discovered in Sierra Leone Shown Live on TV Nationwide

By The Ranger (23/03/17)

Very unique for all Sierra Leoneans to see live on television and on social media the high value diamond just discovered in Kono District.

Barely few months to the end of his term, President Ernest Bai Koroma has scored last minute goal with the discovery of this valuable diamond in Kono in eastern Sierra Leone. (Pictured: Sierra Leone Mines Minister Minkailu Mansaray).

The discovery of another “STAR OF SIERRA LEONE” could not have come at a better time. Though the diamond was discovered by a private businessman (Pastor Emmanuel Momoh), nevertheless the government stands to gain from this find by way of commission on the diamond (taxes). The diamond is said to be 709 carats. Its market value is yet to be determined. 

What is expected by way of accruals from this find for the government is some 15% - 20% of the present market value of the diamond. This percentage is expected to be the 6% tax levied on alluvial diamonds found in the country and charges to be paid to the Government Gold and Diamond Office (GGDO). The bulk of the proceeds from the sale of this diamond will go to the owner of the find after taxes have been deducted. 

Sources say that when the diamond was found, the chief was alerted who in turn informed the Mines minister. The owner of the diamond was then brought with the diamond to State House in Freetown. President Koroma is said to have instructed the relevant offices dealing with diamonds to ensure that proper valuation of the mineral is done and any interested buyer should come to Sierra Leone where the sale should take place in an atmosphere of transparency.

President Koroma can be said to be a very lucky leader as even as he is getting ready to leave office, a diamond of such value has been found, albeit by a private registered miner. One observer called H.E. “luck bundle” and another said the president has scored the last minute goal. 

According to the government spokesman the accruals from the sale of this diamond in the form of tax will be used in the development of the country. It could be recalled that the last time that a diamond of such value was discovered was in 1971 and was labelled the “Star of Sierra Leone”. That find is said to be 968 carats whilst this present one is 709 carat. 

This country has been blessed by God but our politicians have not worked in the interest of the people. In times past diamonds with high value have been found and unscrupulous politicians have secretly connived with the miners to sell them overseas with no benefit to the country. 

This time round president Koroma is said to be determined to ensure that the sale takes place in the country and both the government and the miner get what they deserve.


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