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21st January 2019

SLPP's Obsession in Detaining Educated Ladies in New Year! A Dangerous Pattern!!

By a press release (01/01/19)

A dangerous pattern is compulsively emerging after the obsessive arrests and detention of educated and prominent women in Sierra Leone.


It is unclear why the ruling SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio is now compulsively arresting and detaining and worse of all refusing bail to well educated women who hold PHD degrees in the country. (Photo: Dr. Hassiatou Jalloh-Agbaje, former FIBank Director).

The latest female victims include the former APC Minister Madam Zulai Cooper and prominent APC member Umu Barrie who were picked up yesterday and sent to detention in filthy police cells in Freetown. Reports also say Dauda J.B. Kallon, former APC Honourable Parliamentarian for Goderich was arrested yesterday.

Dr. Sarah Bendu, the recently sacked female Executive Director of Sierra Leone Maritime Administration has been detained and kept in custody by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) over the holidays in Freetown.(Photo: Dr. Sarah Bendu).

This current SLPP regime, popularly known as PAOPA, has a penchant for refusing bail to well-educated women who hold Doctorate titles. Both women spenT Christmas Day under lock and key in jail.

Dr. Sarah Bendu was released on bail on compassionate grounds to attend her daughter’s wedding but was hurriedly taken into custody after the wedding.

Dr. Bendu is being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission for alleged corruption just few days after she was relieved of her duties as Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration.

This is the second time that the ACC is investigating Dr. Bendu on corruption matters relating to her office. She won a case against the Commission in the Appeals Court in 2011 before she was reinstated as Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority.

Her appointment as Chief Executive of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration by President Bio in July 2018 was short-lived as she was also sacked by President Bio during the holidays.

They joined Dr. Madina Rahman, the former Deputy Health Minister under the APC government, who was arrested and detained before Christmas and eventually released on bail after days of refusing her bail, her inalienable rights. (Photo: Dr. Madina Rahman).

Two other prominent educated women who were first in the arrest and detention spree by the SLPP government before Christmas include Dr. Hassiatou Jalloh-Agbaje, the former Managing Director of FIBank and Madam Catherine Kamara, the Head of the IT System at FIBank.

Catherine was eventually released after five days in detention. But the legitimate and recently dismissed Managing Director of FIBank, Dr. Hassiatou Jalloh-Agbaje was locked up to 12 days because she tried to access justice through the courts. Reports say she has been released without charge.

Courtesy: Freetownstories; Awareness Times

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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