23rd August 2017

Drivers on the Makeni/Kono Route Accused of Robbing the Kono People!!!

By C say S. (19/03/17) 

The Kono Drivers Union are accused of paying deaf ears to the daylight robbery by drivers plying the Makeni/Kono highway with impunity.

Reports say the inhabitants of Kono have suffered for too long by corrupt drivers who continue to charge them with exorbitant transport fares. Angry Kono inhabitants believe there is no point why they are still been overcharged for 96 miles when the trunk road is almost complete. (Pictured: Resident Minister East Karamo Kabba, needs to intervene now to ease the problem. It's not a smiling matter).

Comparatively, the transportation fares from Kono to Freetown (vice versa) which covers 212 miles from both government and private vehicles cost 40,000 Leones and 45,000 Leones respectively. 

Whilst the transportation fares from Kono to Makeni covering 96 miles cost 35,000 Leones. Besides, Makeni to Freetown is 119 miles and it cost travellers Le20,000/25,000. "The drivers in Kono are so heartless," furious travellers in Kono blasted.  

The drivers are so insensitive and callous to the plights of the Kono masses. The high fares have direct economic and social implications. This has led to the price hike of basic foodstuffs and other needed commodities in the district. 

Students, workers, the business sector, the sick and development partners are the daily commuters who face this victimisation. These actions are distasteful and untimely as it has worsen the burden on the travelling masses. 

The people of Kono are therefore strongly calling on the President of Sierra Leone Drivers Union, Minister of Transport and Aviation, Council of Paramount Chiefs in Kono, Senior District Officer, Civil Society Organisations, Office of National Security, Local Unit Commanders (Tankoro and Motema), development partners et al to remedy this awful situation. 

The drivers and parks (Koquima and Konomanyie) should be immediately cautioned to revisit their transport fares to Le 20,000 or Le 22,000. "Kono District frowns at this gluttonous drivers," protesters crying for justice. 


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