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25th June 2018

Why Pa-O-pa Fan Thinks Maada Bio is the Right Man for SLPP Come 2018!!

By Austine Luseni (11/03/17)

“If only others would swallow their pride to rally behind Maada the SLPP is destined to deliver an emphatic victory in 2018,” says this author.

The Sierra Leone People's Party is blessed with a huge and impressive depth of human resource. From National Executive positions to the position of a flag bearer, several qualified and dedicated members have thrown their hats into the political boxing ring. (Pictured: Maada Bio in green T-shirt is still the SLPP front runner).

This typifies the way the party's internal democratic structures have evolved and developed maturely. With the party's internal elections around the corner and with the national electoral contest also in the offing, the party is bracing itself for a double header.

There is one thing though that has been clear to all and sundry. And the very stuff relates to the issue of the flag bearer contest. Many they say are called but few are chosen. Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio certainly appears to be the chosen one in my view. 

Not that the others have not been appreciated or do not deserve the nod, but the reality of the matter is that it is Bio who has enjoyed the popular endorsement of the majority of party supporters and the general citizenry for years now. 

Without any wicked attempt to present a skewed picture of how the land lies, the former Head of State is the one that can give the APC a good run for their money in 2018 or prevent them from further wrecking untold and disastrous social and economic havoc on the unsuspecting masses. This however will be massively possible with the support of all and the consensual endorsement of his candidacy.

Those competing with him for the coveted prize should allow the reality to prevail and accept and support the one the people and God have destined to lead the party into election and then inevitably deliver an emphatic victory. 

Becoming a running mate to him or supporting him does not in any way discredit or reduce one's status, but as it is, we must allow reason to get the better of our emotions or egos.

The 2018 contest is the SLPP's to lose if the party can enter into the contest with all hands on the pump. The APC has failed this nation and it is high time we replace them. The only credible political alternative to these rogues, who are progressively superintending over the decay of our beloved country, is the Sierra Leone People's Party. 

There is only one thing that valued members of the party can do, to unequivocally rally behind the most popular candidate i.e. Maada Bio and to allow the natural course of things to unravel. The people have spoken and the elders must not thwart the will of the voters and God.

I was thinking aloud!


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