18th November 2017

Infrastructure is the Foundation of Prosperity in any Modern Economy‼

By a press release (09/03/17)

The development and growth of any modern economy, Sierra Leone inclusive, is inextricably linked to the state of its infrastructure.

As a general rule, the more developed and efficient a country's infrastructure is the higher the national GDP and the better the living standards. The poorer the infrastructure is the lower the national income and the worse the living standards of its population. (Pictured: President always mobbed by admirers where ever he alights in Sierra Leone).

But first, what is Infrastructure? In essence infrastructure consists of all Physical structures and systems that enable an economy (or even a private organization) to function efficiently. Roads are probably the most visible and widely used examples of public infrastructure, followed at least in urban areas by power lines, water and sewage systems (which may not be visible if underground), bridges, airports, public buildings including Schools, Hospitals and Housing.

Despite what their critics have termed as mono-priority in terms of the country's development, President Koroma, and his Minister of Infrastructure, Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay have both reiterated that roads still makes a tremendous part of the governments development priorities, noting however that the present administration has an equal clear direction on key development benchmarks, indicators and priorities such as Education, Health, Energy infrastructure,  Agriculture, Water and Sanitation. 

One key pointer to this fact is the commission of the 103 kilometres Bandajuma Gendema transnational highway project that was launched in Bandajuma Sowa, Pujehun District by President Koroma. 

The project which links Sierra Leone and Liberia is the largest European Union (EU) project ever commissioned in the country and the last lap of the transnational highway linking West African countries. 

A similar endeavour saw the President and team launched another 32.8 kilometres Moyamba junction - Moyamba Township roads, and Bridges throughout the country. 

The Sierra Leone Airport Authority (SLAA) is another vital edifice. Frequent visitors and those returning to the country since the end of the war, attest to the uplifting change taking place in the airports, Lungi International Airport and Hastings Airport. 

From facelift to remodelling and upgrading of facilities such as the Aviation Terminal, expansion of runway and improved processes and procedures, the SLAA is creating the enabling environment for investments to thrive as it also gives travelers memorable experience. 

As the gateway to the country, the Lungi International Airport is receiving the desired attention in terms of providing security, world-class facilities, and efficient service. 

President Ernest Bai Koroma has also commissioned the rehabilitated/expanded Paediatric Ward and New Hospital and District Medical Stores at the Government Hospital in the Eastern provincial headquarter town of Kenema. 

The purpose of the project is to carry out the rehabilitation and expansion of 47 newly constructed and rehabilitated health structures across 11 districts nationwide. The work includes upgrading three health facilities to provide comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care (CEmONC) services in Bo, Kenema and Kabala. 

A further five facilities in Kurubonlhba, Tombodu, Konsho and Bumbuna have been upgraded to provide basic emergency obstetric and newborn care (BEmONC) services.



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