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25th June 2018

Why Dr. Kaifala Marah Wields Massive Support for APC Aspirant Slot!!

By a Press Release (05/03/17)

The Sierra Leone Bank Governor Dr. Kaifala Marah should not be underestimated for the flag-bearer of the All Peoples Congress APC post. 

In what has been demonstrated has an indisputable proof of his popularity across Sierra Leone, Dr. Kaifala Marah on Saturday, 11th February 2017 made a triumphant entry into Bendugu, the headquarter town of Samaia Chiefdom in Tonkolili District, to marshal support for the APC candidate for the bye election slated for 17th February instant. (Pictured: President Koroma: To replace him as APC Chairman and Leader is not going to be easy).

Rose Marie Bangura, who eventually won, was facing a stiff challenge from her opponent from the SLPP, Musa Bendugu Jalloh amidst growing fear that the APC party candidate might lose.

It was against this backdrop that Dr. Marah made his visit to restore the popularity of the APC candidate against any formulated whim and caprice.

Dr. Marah was received by hundreds of Samaia Chiefdom people 100 meters into the town centre amidst dancing and singing of songs depicting their love and trust in him. He however did not mince his words in telling the people to come in their numbers and support and vote in Madam Rosemarie Bangura as their next Member of Parliament.

"If you have come out in this huge number to show that you love me, you trust me, you support me and you believe me, then translate that into tangible votes and vote in massively Madam Rosemarie Bangura in whom I also have trust," Dr. Kaifala Marah urged the mammoth crowd of supporters amidst cheers and clapping.

Dr. Marah was accompanied by Mr. Mohamed Adikalie Bangura, Presidential Aide on Political, Economic and Social Affairs, the Presidential Aide on Health, Madam Yabome Sesay and a key member of the APC Women Congress and a lot more, when he held Rose Marie Bangura's hand aloft and handed it to the people.

He did this with a mix of humility and leadership assertiveness. With humility, he puts his hand on his chest and solicited the massive casting of ballots for the APC candidate, noting that the APC victory should be such that the SLPP and any other political party will have a rethink to contest with the APC in any other political contest in the Constituency. 

In demonstrating his leadership assertiveness, Dr. Marah said even though he is sure of an APC victory, he will hold to account any village whose votes do not cross the 80% voting for the APC candidate.

"If I see that in the records of any village, I will conclude that, those in that village are undermining our collective aspiration as a people and as a party. When that happens, then the bond of trust between us is fractured," Dr. Marah stated.

Youths in Makeni turned out in their thousands on 5th February 2017 in show of their love and trust in Dr. Kaifala Marah and this latest outpour of grassroots support in Bendugu in Tonkolili District was indicative of the fact that the tidal wave of support for this energetic and focused young man is about gripping the whole of Tonkolili District. 

And as the eventual result indicated, Rose Marie Bangura won hands down thanks largely to Dr. Marah's massive support. This man's popularity is soaring every day. It remains to be seen if a more popular APC aspirant would edge Dr. Marah to lead the ruling party. Watch Out!


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