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25th June 2018

Charles Margai's Secret Meeting with SLPP, PDP, UNPP, NDA, ADP Parties  

By a Press Release (01/03/17)

The mercurial PMDC leader Charles Margai has recently invited five major political parties in Sierra Leone to a secret meeting in Freetown.

Very recently, the defeated and disappointed Leader and Chairman of People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) held an unusual meeting with members of other defeated and frustrated political party members. (Pictured: Charles Margai of the PMDC).

The meeting was held at his Rawdon Street office in Freetown and attended by members from People’s Democratic Party (PDP-Sorbeh), United National People’s Party (UNPP), Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and Alliance Democratic Party (ADP).

Reliable sources that were present at the meeting revealed that the meeting was all about Charles Margai attempting to incite his political guests/rivals to gang against the ruling APC, while the SLPP he assured is ready to pump millions of US Dollars as inducement to weaker political parties to form an alliance to oust the APC.

However, surprisingly, a number of people from the various weak opposition parties have described Charles Margai as a man who has gone nuts due probably to his repeated failures to assume any significant political position, something which has made him a very angry and bitter man who would stop at nothing to have his way.

They further described him as a man who has lost all political bearings and is now picking fights with political parties at the slightest opportunity. His latest beef is over the fact that President Koroma announced the date for the next elections two weeks late. 

How this two weeks delay is a problem to the next general elections only Charles Margai can fathom? It beggars belief that even President Koroma's former deputy Internal Affairs Minister Sheka Tarawalie (Shekito) is also out brandishing his bitter sword against his former boss for the purported 'two weeks' late for the 2018 elections.

But they say lunacy has a way with certain people and we are sure that Charles Margai has reached the apex because only people who are not sane take up the worthless and idiotic ventures.

Let Charles Margai bark and growl for it is God that made him so. Let sober-minded people concentrate on moving the country forward even with the likes of Charles Margai throwing stones into the works.

Courtesy: APC Warriors Communication Network


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