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19th January 2018

Ernest is Unhappy that Teenage Pregnancy is Rife in Sierra Leone!!

By Press Release (25/02/17)

Thirty-six % of all pregnancies in the country occur among adolescent girls, and teenagers account for 40 percent of maternal deaths.

Reports adduce that the President’s Recovery Priorities’ agenda is aiming to save the lives of 600 pregnant women by June 2017. And also to help reduce teenage pregnancy as a result. (Pictured: Sierra Leone Deputy Health Minister Madina Rahman).

At the Adolescent Friendly Centre at Newton at the outskirts of Freetown, 17 year-old Augusta explains that she was 15 when she got pregnant. Now she regularly attends the Adolescent Friendly Health Centre where she receives contraceptives and helpful advice on safe sex. Augusta believes that if she had visited the centre when she was younger, she would not have become pregnant. 

“I advise teenage girls around Newton to visit the Adolescent Friendly Health Centre (AFHC) regularly for confidential counselling and reproductive health care services like contraception and STI prevention,” she says.

Under the President’s Recovery Priorities’ initiative to reduce teenage pregnancy, 100 AFHC are being established around the country. These will provide free and confidential services and advice on safe sex and contraception to teenagers in a welcoming environment. 

Reports say sixty AFHCs, staffed by trained service providers, are already operational and mapping is on-going for the location of the remaining 40.

Emma Kargbo, the nurse in charge of the Newton AFHC says that teenage pregnancy has become a serious concern for the community. Shortly after the centre was set up, they received a weekly average of 20 cases, some as young as 13. 

However, according to Emma Kargbo, the AFHC, combined with community outreach programmes which raise awareness about the services on offer, is reducing the rate of teenage pregnancy.   

The head of the Teenage Pregnancy Secretariat in the Ministry of Health, Sister Rugiatu noted: "The political commitment directed towards the implementation of the strategy with technical and financial support from donors and funding agencies will contribute to the reduction of teenage pregnancies nationwide.”

Courtesy: President's Delivery Team


1958 -1980


How APC Caused the Spread of the Deadly Ebola Virus Disease!

By: Jacob Jusu Saffa, Guest Editor (10/01/18)
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Yumkella/Keili Ticket is a Match Made in Heaven! Period!!

By Dr. Barba M. Koroma (10/01/18)

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