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25th June 2018

Fire Victims Debunk SLPP Andrew Keili's Newspaper Reports on Sylvia

By Press Release (23/02/17)

Five fire victims have described reports about Dr. Sylvia Blyden in a newspaper owned by SLPP party flag-bearer aspirant as 'trash'.

Journalists from several media houses led by Mr. Kandeh Sesay of Environment  Newspaper, Sierra Leone's leading environment & human dignity news outlet, have visited the victims of Angola fire disaster off Fort Street to ask about claims made in the opposition SLPP Andrew Keili's SALONE TIMES Newspaper that Social Welfare minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden intimidated the fire victims. (Pictured: Andrew Keili, right, with other SLPP flag-bearers).

Reports say there was proof of audio clips of the victims speaking as they 'SWEH' Andrew Keili and all those associated with such trash. The victims in their own words, say it all. They deeply appreciated the visit of the minister and everything she said to them. The audio recordings of the voice of the victims debunking the trash accompany this SEA MEDIA update. 

This is how SLPP Andrew Keili's SALONE TIMES opened their trash of a story in their February 13th 2017 edition: "...the Minister of Social Welfare, Sylvia Blyden has been accused of intimidating the December 1st fire victims at Angola Town community in Freetown. The minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs is said to have visited the site on Friday at around 12 to 1 am." 

BUT SOMETHING ELSE VERY SWEET... Whilst the victims themselves have disgraced Andrew Keili newspaper as liars, a part of that SALONE TIMES news report has however ironically brought out the fact that the dedicated and hardworking female Cabinet Minister was out in the streets after midnight to check on the welfare of citizens of the Republic - in this case, the fire victims.

"If SALONE TIMES had not reported on it, nobody would have ever known that Dr. Sylvia Blyden visited the poor victims at that time of the night to seek their welfare. But let me tell you that this is just normal of her. Sometimes she works almost 18 hours a day. Nobody knows because she never publicizes what she does but trust me that I don't believe there has ever been a more hardworking or more caring Social Welfare minister than this lady called Sylvia Olayinka Blyden. 

"No wonder President Koroma appointed her. She is just perfect for that position. For her to go out under heavy rains leading teams to check on women and children during a storm is just normal. For her to be along Lumley beach counselling commercial sex workers at 1am in the morning is normal. 

"For her to lead an unannounced team at 1am to check market stalls for children sleeping there in the night and work to have them reunited with their families is just normal. This woman is amazing and she rarely publicises her hard work. 

"So it is good that SALONE TIMES trying to do her harm, has actually achieved the opposite. They have brought out the fact that a sitting Cabinet Minister who is a woman, went out after midnight to check on fire victims welfare. 

"That time of the night is the time when all the victims would be surely found at their places and it is the best time to visit and dialogue with affected persons but how many people can sacrifice to go and visit at that time when they should be in their beds? Let us be honest and ask of Who else will show such deep concern for humanity? Only the Almighty will repay Sylvia Blyden," said Anthony Bangura one of her personal aides. 

Meanwhile the fire victims say they are going to bitterly complain Andrew Keili's newspaper to the Independent Media Commission. 

SLPP handlers like Andrew Keili should stop this perpetual hate journalism but they should know that us, the promoters of Sylvia Blyden will remain very alert to counter them. We will not get tired to counter them and promote our heroine. 

What next? What next set of rubbish have they cooked up to throw at her? Let them send it. We are waiting to handle it. If they don't get tired, we also will never get tired. We will use the rocks they send at Blyden to strengthen the foundations of her nationwide popularity. 

Every rock they send to destroy our growing structure of stature will be seized in midstream; no matter the velocity of speed. We will collect the rocks meant to destroy and turn them into part of the foundation stones to build. 

Long live Hon. Dr Sylvia O. Blyden



1958 -1980


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