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21st January 2019

Principal Wundah Welcomes Guests to 'Post War Sierra Leone Book' Launch

By a press release (27/12/18)

The Institute of Advanced Management and Technology Students Union has hosted the launch of a 'Post War Sierra Leone Book'.


According to a press release invitation, present and past students, colleges and universities as well as well wishers were encouraged to witness the historic programme slated for 12pm on Wednesday December 19, 2018 at the college's Amphitheatre in Freetown. (Photo: One of Wundah's publications).

The press statement reads: "The Student Union Government on behalf of the Administration of Institute of Advanced Management and Technology (IAMTECH) is inviting the pleasure of past and present students, colleges/universities, well wishers to the launch of the Book 'The New Face of Tertiary Educational Institutions in Post-War Sierra Leone'.

"The book discusses some of the main differences between the model of Tertiary Education that IAMTECH offers to our clients and those followed by other tertiary institutions in the country. The IAMTECH model hinges on the ideal type of education that postwar Sierra Leone requires in order to inspire the restoration and maximization of national economic growth and development.

"The book nitrates at length the values and culture which the IAMTECH Ideal type typifies. The college recognizes the critical, nexus between education and the requirements, challenges and opportunities prevalent in modern job market," the release concludes.

Author - Dr Michael Nicolas Wundah a Sierra Leonean by birth has lived, studied and worked in England for the past two and half decades. Founder and Chairman of the Creative and Academic Writing Consortium in London.

Dr Wundah is a prolific writer with eighteen books. He recently launched the book titled 'The Potrait of the Visionary Professor Kosonike Koso-Thomas. He is the Principal of the Institute of Advanced Management and Technology.

Courtesy: Powered by IAMTECH Student Union Government

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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