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21st January 2019

Female Human Rights Fighter May Spend Christmas in Jail Thanks to the SLPP!

By Sayoh Kamara (22/12/18)

There are indications that ex-Director of FIBank will spend Christmas in detention in Freetown for simply fighting for her own human rights.


According to this widely read newspaper entitled: 'Sad for Salone's Human Rights Records...Woman Banker May Spend Xmas Behind Bars for Fighting for her Human Rights', Mrs. Hassiatuo Jalloh Agbaje, erstwhile Managing Director of the controversial First International Bank-Sierra Leone Limited it will appear, will spend Christmas in detention at the female wing of the cells of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). (Photo: Dr. Hassiatou Jalloh Agbaje, in Christmas grief). 

Mrs. Agbaje was detained Wednesday by the Head of the CID in Freetown. Assiatu was on bail on an earlier allegation of causing chaos in the financial market by ordering the closure of FiBank branches across the country.

She was granted bail after spending five days in cells at the CID and conditioned to be reporting to the CID daily. This, she had been complying with throughout, only for her to be surprised with the sudden turn of events when she was told by the CID boss, Mr. Tommy that she would be detained once again for breaching a condition of her earlier bail and for some other financial allegations.

Mrs. Agbaje who was taken in sick with serious typhoid malaria told this reporter, "I was taken aback by the statement of the CID boss causing a sudden rise in my heartbeat and temperature. I believe at the time of my detention, I had not done anything against my earlier bail conditions and what I'm being charged with is basically an issue of my human rights."

According to Mr. Tommy on a breaking news slot on Radio Democracy 98.1 FM last Thursday, he alleged that Mrs. Agbaje flouted an earlier bail condition by signing an affidavit in support of a court case of contempt filed against the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone, Professor Kelfala Murana Kallon. According to the CID boss, Mrs. Jalloh Agbaje was conditioned among other things not to have to do anything with the FIBANK while she was on bail.

The Governor had allegedly flouted an earlier Court Injunction that had restrained him from taking any decision on the ownership of FiBANK Group or giving ownership of the bank to Lilium Holdings or changing the bank's management and had without due diligence, declared Mrs. Agbaje "unfit and improper" to administer any financial institution in Sierra Leone.

Madam Jalloh Agbaje maintains it is her right to fight to ensure sanity prevails and to clear her name using the systems of a competent Court of jurisdiction.

"Haven't I the right to take the Bank Governor to court for infringing my human rights and impugning on my name and character?" Madam Jalloh Agbaje pointed out.

Meanwhile, the venom with which the Head of Sierra Leone's CID spoke Thursday morning on Radio Democracy's 'Gud Morning Salone' program indicates that Madam Jalloh Agbaje will have to spend Christmas and possibly the New Year outside the comfort of her home. Mr. Tommy had maintained that Mrs. Jalloh refused to respond to his questions, and that he will not release her until she complies.

It is not known whether the CID boss may want to adopt other unconventional methods to elicit the cooperation of Mrs. Jalloh, who told this reporter, she feels she is being unduly intimidated for doing something her employers, SLOK-NIGERIA LIMITED have authorized her to do.

This flagrant and poignant abuse of the Right of a citizen by individuals who think they have the powers should not and must not be allowed to prevail in Sierra Leone.

Mrs. Jalloh Agbaje is therefore calling on Women's Groups, Human Rights Organisations, the Local and International Media and Civil Society Groups to come to her aid "to pull me away from the clutches of shadow powers who could be extreme in the execution of whatever diabolical plan they have under their sleeves," Jalloh Agbaje stated, pointing out that she feels she's being intimidated in order that she drops the case against the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone and that all other charges of financial impropriety allegedly being levied against her are mere ploys to distract her and force her down.

She has maintained her rights to defend the legitimacy of SLOK-NIGERIA LIMITED ownership of FiBank and to have her dignity and integrity as a professional restituted.

Courtesy: By Sayoh Kamara, Spokesperson, SLOK-NIGERIA LIMITED published in the Awareness Times.

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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