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25th June 2018

"APC is Victor Foh & Victor Foh is APC for Ever & Ever," Admirers Say

By Abdul B. Kamara (03/08/16)

Mr. Victor Bockarie Foh is the most controversial and dedicated politician in Sierra Leone. He is always with APC either down, middle or up.

The name Victor Foh is a house hold name within the political circles in Sierra Leone. Take it or leave it, and say whatever you may want to say, have or hold whatever opinions or views against him, it is my humble opinion that VP Foh is unarguably the most accomplished and  astute politician of our generation. (Pictured: VP Foh, centre, flanked by Justice Minister Joseph Kamara, left, and former Information Minister IB Kargbo).

It is not because he is the current Vice President of Sierra Leone, or the typical Mende man from Jimmi Bagbo in Bo southern Sierra Leone.  Thus, one might be curious to know how it happened in the first place, from being an Ambassador to China to becoming the second citizen of the nation.

Certainly it is a combination of so many factors, among them and key is loyalty. VP Foh's loyalty and dedication to the APC Party and President Ernest Koroma is unquestionable. Therefore I am of the view that he is not only loyal to the APC party, but he is extremely loyal to the point that one could deduce that his life is never complete without the APC party.

Conversely,  it is important to highlight that VP Foh didn't have it all on a silver platter, but also tested the bitter pills of politics during his political journey: he was molested, tortured and above all spent life on death row for his loyalty to the APC. For VP Foh, party loyalty and dedication outweigh every other consideration.

It is also important to mention that VP Foh has made political history after becoming the first Vice President to have attain that position in a democratic dispensation without going through the ballot box.

Once upon a time he came home from China to plead on behalf of the erstwhile VP Sam Sumana, alas! He ended becoming the VP. Don't ask me how it all happens, because even VP Foh couldn't tell you - all I know it was a miracle.

For Victor Foh, APC is a matter of death and life, and will never comprise even when the going becomes so tough. When people start talking about true blooded APCness, one of the first person that comes to mind is Victor Bockarie Momoh Foh.

Therefore, his ascendancy to the position of Vice President was not a surprise for us that know the genesis to revelation of Victor Foh of the APC.
The fact of the matter is, beside his unflinching and unquestionable loyalty to both president Koroma and the APC party VP Foh, has the ability to relate well with members at  all levels, and even among the oppositions, an exceptional quality that makes him stand out among his contemporaries.

To the APC grassroots, he fully understands their problems, so no wonder they idolized him, and held him to such high esteem. In addition, it is noteworthy to highlight that since VP Foh assumed office as the number two man, it is apparent that he has created an impact in the shortest possible time both within the APC party and the country as a whole. In summation, Victor Foh is APC and APC is Victor Foh, for life.

In conclusion, is it necessary to ask if the same miracle that happened in March of 2015 that catapulted VP Foh to the office of Vice Presidency could happen again, thereby propelling him to the Presidency, who knows? But Let us wait and see.

Courtesy: By Abdul Bero Kamara aka Chief-078-852595, Sledge Hammer Media and Communications (SHMC)



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