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21st January 2019

Brewery Floods Market as the 2018 Christmas Season Grips Sierra Leone!

By Ranger (10/12/18)

The Sierra Leone Brewery has flooded the market with Star Beer, Guinness Stout, Mutziq and Maltina to lift the festive mood nationwide.


According to the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) Corporate Relations Manager, Albert Ojo Collier, the brewery has put modalities in place to flood the local market with its products of Star Beer, Guinness Stout, Mutziq and Maltina.

He added that the pint and canned versions of these products will be in abundance and that the prices would remain the same and in some instances might even be lower than the normal rate depending on the arrangement between the customer and the Brewery.

Mr. Collier is delightedly surprised over the fact that consumers across the country love the recently introduced canned drinks such as Star Beer, Guinness, Mutzig, and Maltina produced by SLBL. He said the SLBL would make sure that these canned variations are also in abundant supply throughout the festive season.

On his part, SLBL Managing Director Daaf Van Tilburg explained during a press conference that since SLBL’s inception some 57 years ago, the SLBL has been supporting growth of the economy and the people. He informed his audience that the process to introduce canned products started three years ago spending over 200 billion Leones on the project.

He said that the Brewery procured state-of-the-art equipment to detoxify its waste water that is emptied into a stream nearby; fermentation tanks, canned packaging plant among other important health and safety environmental friendly components.

Speaking on the relationship between the company and sorghum farmers, Tilburg said they have been able to patronize them to the extent that their numbers have increased from 10,000 to over 25,000 farmers.

On its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the SLBL, he said, has been maintaining its obligations and been able to support the communities in health care, sanitation, education and other sectors.

Prior to the launching of the canning line when the Management of SLBL paid a working visit to President Julius Maada Bio at State House, he thanked the team from for holding the fort in the business community amidst the trying times and difficulties he inherited. He assured them that his government is open and ready to work with investors who had plans to boost the economy of the state.

Notwithstanding the fact that SLBL is a private manufacturing company one thing that stands out clearly is that the company has been paying tax to government which falls under the bracket of being a Large Tax Payer to the National Revenue Authority (NRA).

It is no secret that the government depends on mobilizing revenue to implement various development projects and the SLBL drive towards providing such cannot be underrated.

SLBL is notable for job creation in different ways which is enhancing the standard of living of the beneficiaries. The company has formal workers who are employed at their manufacturing site within the Wellington Industrial Estate. Besides, there are those who are informally benefiting by being distributors, bar owners, casual labourers etc.

Additionally, the company’s Corporate Relations Manager, Albert Ojo Collier, is quoted saying: "We are quite aware of the various challenges that we are going through as a company but I want to assure all that we are highly determined to ensure that we expand on our existing production base in order to give our esteemed customers the best in terms of quality and affordable prices."

According to him, the SLBL will always endeavour to maintain its relationship with sorghum farmers across the country and that the SLBL will ensure that it strengthens this by giving sorghum farmers the support and empowerment they require in order to make sure they accrue the benefits from their farming activities. "This is in line with SLBL’s stance in enhancing the country’s Local Content Policy and we believe we are treading on the right path," he underscored.

As the festive season sets in, most people are praising SLBL for making drinking safer in the sense that the risk of pints which can be used as weapons by unscrupulous people has been hugely reduced.

From what was also learnt, SLBL believes that as long as they continue to produce quality drinks their customer base will obviously grow and so there is no need to embark on the nefarious act of smuggling.

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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