24th October 2017

Sierra Leone

SLPP Flagbearer Election Postponed but Kenema Sept 15 Convention Starts!

By a press release (13/09/17

The SLPP election of National Officers goes on in Kenema starting September 15 but the flagbearer issue takes place after 21 days. 

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Foh’s Shocking Declaration for the APC Slot as Editor Endorses!

By Abu Shaw in London (15/09/17)

As politicians recover from Victor Foh’s shocking declaration for the APC post, the Organiser editor has endorsed his candidacy 100%. 

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NATCOM Clears Cheating Africell and Sierratel after Paying Fines!

By a press release (19/09/17)

Two crook telecommunication firms i.e. Africel and Sierratel, have paid the fines imposed on them by Sierra Leone regulator NATCOM.

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NATCOM Fines Corrupt Sierratel, Airtel, Africell over 1 Million US Dollars!

By a press release (13/09/17

Three corrupt communications service providers in Sierra Leone have been fined US$1.3 for failing to meet the standard required of them. 

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Sierra Leoneans are Welcome to View the 709.41 Carat Diamond - Says Govt.

By a press release (17/09/17)

The government of Sierra Leone has assured all Sierra Leoneans that they can come and view the 709.41 carat diamond anytime in Freetown.

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Two SLPP Enemies Prince Harding and Fatmata Sawaneh Leading the Party!

By Philip Koroma (19/09/17)

The future of the main opposition SLPP party looks very bleak following the election of two SLPP enemies to lead the party in to the unknown!!.  

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SLPP Prefers the Current Electoral Chairman Unlike the Ruling APC Party!!

By John Y.Y. Fofanah (15/09/17)

Reasons why the APC party and the main opposition SLPP party view the current National Electoral Commission chairman differently!

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Law School Wins Ombudsman Probe Against Angry Law Graduates

By a press release (17/09/17)

Angry law graduates were let down as Ombudsman found that complaint against the Sierra Leone Law School does not have merit.

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2018 Elections: NCD and HRCSL and Artists Sign MOU for Total Peace

By a press release (21/09/17) 

National Commission for Democracy and Artist for Peace Sierra Leone and Human Rights Commission have signed a peaceful elections MOU.

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Kenema Old Boys Promote Science Education Dinner Sept. 16 in London

By a press release (15/09/17)

The Kenema Old Students Association KOSA UK launches a Reunion Dinner Buffet in London to promote science education. 

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Maada Dominates as SLPP Party Disunity Deepens at Kenema Convention!

By Abu Shaw in London (17/09/17)

The animosity in the opposition SLPP party has deepened as flag bearer candidates snubbed one another at the convention in Kenema!  

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Why the Kenema Convention Proves SLPP is Unfit to Rule Sierra Leone!

 By Abdul R. Thomas (21/09/17)

It was high drama at the opposition SLPP convention in Kenema, which many political observers say was a fiasco for the SLPP.

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1958 -1980


Is the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) a Family Property?

 Asks Abdul Fonti, Guest Editor (01/10/17)

The present make up of SLAJ has more questions than answers. A situation that does not auger well for the Sierra Leone media.

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From Kenema with Hate: Why SLPP will Lose the 2018 Elections!

By Bockarie K. Sama (01/10/17)

This writer, an ardent supporter of the main opposition party, has highlighted why his beloved SLPP party has messed up big time.

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