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24th May 2018



The newspaper website is a Sierra Leone publication launched in May 16, 2015 in London. It is the forerunner of the defunct Freetown Daily News established in 2008 and subsequently the Press United newspaper founded in 2010 before it was replaced by the Organiser newspaper.

Contact us 24/7 - 0044/7490157158 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by using our form below this page.

Articles for Publications

The Organiser newspaper will publish stories, opinions, commentaries and analyses from readers. Please note that submitted articles do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of the Organiser. As a result, the Organiser newspaper is not legally liable for such articles. All readers who want to discount any claims and views published in this newspaper should feel free to write and share their own counter views. Thank you for your custom. 


Abu Bakar Shaw
Founder / Editor / Publisher in London
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abu Shaw holds MSc in Corporate Communications and BA in New Media Journalism with Law at the Thames Valley University London, now University of West London. Mr. Shaw has over 25 years experience in print and online journalism. He holds many journalism certificates. One from the Press Union of Liberia PUL in association with the African American Institute in 1993 and another from the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists SLAJ in collaboration with Thomson Foundation in Wales in 1996. He has also held the position of Production Manager of Sierra Leone's Expo Times newspaper from 1995 to 1998 in Freetown. He is a former London Bureau Chief of the Canada based Patriotic Vanguard news website. Mr. Shaw has also worked in Liberia as Sports and Political Reporter for the Sporting Life and the Monrovia Daily News newspapers respectively. He has also served as editor of Sierra Leone’s Awareness Times newspaper in Freetown in 2011. Mr Shaw was born in Kenema where he attended St. Charles Lwanga Primary School and the Government Secondary School. Later at the Koyeima Government School in Bo District. Abu Shaw is a member of the National Union of Journalist NUJ in Britain.

Awe Olu David‏
News Editor & Business Manager
in Freetown

Mr. David holds BSc in Business Administration from the University of Lagos. He later broadened his new technology career by pursing Computer Science. Upon graduation, he became a lecturer in Computing Software in Ghana, the Gambia and subsequently in Sierra Leone. Our News Editor has nearly 10 years of journalism experience in Sierra Leone where he started with the Examiner newspaper as a feature writer on variety of topics. Mr David, born in Nigeria, has written several Information Technology articles for the IEAS publishing company in Gambia. He is also a prolific poem writer and his flair in poetic writings did not go unnoticed for long. He was eventually awarded the Best Poet of the Year trophy by the International Society of Poets. Mr. David has been a devoted contributor as Chief Political Correspondent for the defunct Freetown Daily News and the Press United, the forerunner of the Organiser publication. He has also worked as Editor-in-Chief for the Plain Truth newspaper and as Editor and Layout Artist for the Parrot newspaper in Sierra Leone.

Patrick Jakema‏
Chief Correspondent South in Bo

Mr. Patrick Jakema holds BA in Education Linguistics from Njala University College in Sierra Leone and has many journalism certificates under his belt. He is presently the correspondent for the Cotton Tree News CTN radio and freelancing for the Concord Times newspaper and the BBC Service trust Sierra Leone. He is also the Public Relations Officer of ADDO Caritas in Freetown and Bo. Mr. Jakema, who has over 14 years of journalism experience behind him, is a former reporter for both the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service SLBS and the United Nations Radio in Sierra Leone. Mr. Jakema has also reported for the Voice of America since 2013. He has also been a devoted Southern Province Chief Correspondent for both the Freetown Daily News and Press United, the forerunner to the Organiser publication. The untiring devotion of our Chief Correspondent South resulted to him bagging the Best Journalism Prize (2009/2010) award for the Southern Region by the Bo District Descendant Association BODA in southern Sierra Leone. Mr Jakema was born in Daru, Kailahun in eastern province.

Philip Koroma‏
Chief Correspondent East
in Kenema

Our Chief Correspondent East is currently the Production Manager of the Cotton Tree News CTN radio since 2012. In 2009, Mr Philip Koroma also served as producer, presenter and reporter for the Cotton Tree CTN radio. Mr Koroma started his journalism work in 2005 when he became a budding reporter volunteering for the Eastern Community Radio in Kenema where the radio station was first established in Sierra Leone. His radio skills were quickly spotted by management and he was subsequently deployed in Pujehun District in order to beef up the performance of Radio Wanjei. He became the Acting Station Manager there for six months in 2007 during Sierra Leone’s Presidential elections. When he returned to Kenema, our man was asked to join the Cotton Tree News at Mount Aureol in Freetown for more work experience. Mr Philip Koroma was born in Kenema. He attended the Wesleyan Primary School in Kenema where he acquired the National Primary School Examination (NPSE). He later enrolled at the Government Secondary School from 1999/2002 with a Basic Entrance Certificate Examination (BECE). Our man also attended the Holy Trinity Secondary School in Kenema from 2002/2005 and sat the West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. He eventually entered the Eastern Polytechnic in Kenema in 2008 and graduated with a Higher Teachers certificate in 2011.

Issa Mansaray
Chief Correspondent North in Makeni

Our Chief Correspondent North holds a Diploma in Journalism and Administration from the Makeni Polytechnic. Mr Mansaray has a rich experience in both print and the electronics media. He started his journalism profession as a freelancer with the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service SLBS now renamed the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation SLBC from 2001 to 2010. He subsequently resumed his print media work by joining the New Citizen newspaper in 2005 and later the Examiner newspaper in Freetown. Our Makeni correspondent attended the St. Francis Secondary Makeni.


The Organiser Newspaper 

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The Organiser News Website
London, United Kingdom


1958 -1980


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