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21st January 2019

President Bio Plans to Fly Out Former Leader Strasser for Medical Treatment to Ghana!

By a press release (09/01/19)

The Sierra Leone President plans to fly former President Valentine Strasser to Ghana for medical treatment. A popular PR move!


Reports have reveal that President Julius Maada Bio has instructed and given an executive clearance for the former Head of State, Valentine Esegragbo Melvin Strasser, to be flown out to Ghana for medical treatment due to the severity of his illness. (Photo: Strasser explains as President Bio and Health Minister listen).

President Bio made a surprise visit yesterday to his former boss and military colleague at the Aspen Medical Hospital on Saturday 5th January 2019 to get an update on Strasser's illness. There he assured sickly Strasser that SLPP government will do everything it takes for him to regain his health.

The Sierra Leone President also thanked the medical staff at Aspen Medical Hospital in Freetown for the high quality patient care they have shown towards the former Head of state. (Photo: Strasser shakes Presdient Bio's hands without eye contact).

Briefing the President on Strasser's illness, the Commanding Officer, Joint Medical Unit, Lt. Col. Dr Stephen Sevalie said that Valentine Strasser suffers from Peripheral Artery Disease affecting the left leg. Dr Sevalie said that the former Head of State will require a surgery to re-establish blood supply and that should be undertaken by a vascular surgeon.

Dr Sevalie said that Sierra Leone does not have a vascular surgeon and as such Strasser will need to be flown out. As a military officer himself, Dr Stephen Sevalie said: "I want to thank President Bio who has shown great care and support to his comrade and former Head of State since Strasser was first admitted at 34 military hospital for three weeks until his transfer to the Aspen Medical Hospital."

The Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr Alpha T. Wurie, who also accompanied the President to the hospital, confirmed that government is finalising the arrangement for the Strasser to be flown to Ghana for medical treatment as soon as possible. The President was also accompanied by the Minister of Political Affairs, Ambassador Foday Yumkella.

Valentine Strasser served as Head of State and Chairman of the National Provisional Ruling Council from 1992 - 1996, before Maada Bio, his second in command then, surprisingly overthrew him in a bloodless coup.

Courtesy: State House Media and Communications Unit +232767587664/+23288269282

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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