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21st January 2019

"Ambers of War You're Fanning Will Hunt You," Sierra Leoneans in Gambia Warn Bio!

By a press release (03/01/19)

Sierra Leoneans in Gambia have warned President Bio and First Lady that the ambers of war they're fanning will hunt them in the near future.


In a Christmas bombshell from the Gambia, the Concerned Sierra Leoneans warned President Julius Maada Bio and the First Lady Fatima Jabbe Bio and the SLPP government in general to change their present negative route for a more positive one, otherwise the 'ambers of war fanned by the SLPP government' will not bear sweet fruits. (Photo: President Bio and Fatima in the driving seat).

The press statement reads thus: "Your Excellency Sir, sorry we can't wish your a Merry Christmas because there is nothing to merry about in Sierra Leone. The ambers of war you are fanning will certainly hunt you in the not too distant future.

"Sir, over six thousand Sierra Leoneans are resident in The Gambia, your wife's natal home. If there has been any thing to be proud of in your eight months of stewardship as President of Sierra Leone, we would have been the first to celebrate in honour of your wife.

"Sir, it is a shame that a novice in politics like President Adama Barrow of The Gambia is scoring higher grades than you do. While you continue to divide the country on regional and tribal lines, Adama Barrow has succeeded in enhancing national cohesion. While you are embarking on national sacking spree on tribal grounds, President Barrow makes room for youth employment and empowering Gambians based on qualifications not nepotism.

"While the standard of living in Sierra Leone continues to skyrocket like a Christmas kites, President Barrow controls the economy to higher heights. While Adama Barrow is empowering women, your SLPP government is arresting and detaining without bail so many highly educated women. He has just added 50% salary increase for all civil servants effective January, 2019.

"Remember, President Barrow is not PHD holder like you and has no professor in his cabinet, yet, he cleverly believes professors can serve efficiently to liberate the minds of the youths at the University of The Gambia.

"His Excellency, let me reiterate that if your government fails to change course now, Fatima Bio or you will face the fiercest demonstration from Concerned Sierra Leoneans in The Gambia any time you step your legs at the Banjul International Airport.

"Our people seems to be in a pressure cooker as a result of your failed eight months in leadership as the escalating prices of commodities continue to inflict pain on the poor majority. We are closely monitoring events," Concerned Sierra Leoneans in the Gambia conclude.

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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