19th November 2017

Local Minister’s Historic Visit to the Mandela Home in South Africa

By a press release (07/03/17)

Sierra Leone's Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Maya Moiwo Kaikai has made an historic visit to the home of Mandela. 

The home of the African Hero Nelson Mandela has become an iconic tourist attraction all over the world and the visit by Minister Kaikai and his entourage was to pay homage to this great son of Africa. (Pictured: Mandela and Colonel Gaddafi).

The name Nelson Mandela will ever remain to occupy crucial portion of the history of Africa. He was one of the Africans who stood firm for Africans liberation and against white minority rule.

Sierra Leone being part of African Union and the Pan African Parliament has continued to enjoy the sacrifices and achievements made by Nelson Mandela who was jailed for 27 years for standing against Apartheid and other forms of misrule against the black majority.

Reports say Minister Maya Moiwo Kaikai was accompanied by his Permanent Secretary Donald Ngegba; Director Alhassan Khanu of Decentralisation Secretariat; Mayor of Makeni City Sunkarie Kabba; Mr. Salifu of Revenue and Tax Policy as part of their tour in South Africa.

They grew interest in knowing how Soweto, where the 1976 massacre took place, was transformed  from days of slum town to now a better city, how they can pay respect to the late African father, an icon in the World Nelson Mandela.

As an African Minister who believes in African solidarity, the Minister said they learnt a lot and paid tribute to the late man:  "We learn that leadership requires you to be a common man, humble and God fearing. This is exactly what President Ernest Koroma is demonstrating and teaching us all.” 

The minister and team visited other places including the humble abode of late Nelson Mandela the school where those school kids were massacred, the community centre where the children were arrested and taken to prison and more.


1958 -1980


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