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21st January 2019

Anti-Corruption's Poor Judgment in Inviting Kenyan Orator PLO Lumumba!

By Omotund Blyden (16/12/18)

It is unfortunate the Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone invited the famous Kenyan as guest speaker on International Anti-Corruption  Day.



Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba is a fraud, reports say. PLO Lumumba's malfeasance are many. In 2016, the former anti-graft agency boss was sued over alleged plagiarism and intellectual theft. ACC is paying him about $7,000 plus business class and hotel to bring him to Freetown. (ACC boss Francis Ben Kaifala).

Law professor, Wachira Maina, accused Lumumba of plagiarising an article he wrote, which was published in the East African newspaper.

The article by Lumumba was published in the Law Society of Kenya Journal. Maina accused Lumumba of writing a 10,000-word essay titled ‘From Jurisprudence to Poliprudence: the Kenyan Presidential Election Petition 2013’, with nearly 5,000 words lifted from an article he wrote, published on April 20, 2015.

Lumumba begged for time and eventually settled the case out of court. He agreed to write an apology for plagiarising the work. Lumumba wrote a ‘suitable’ letter of correction and forwarded it to the Law Society of Kenya Journal, the Law Society of Kenya, Law Africa Publishing Ltd and Godfrey Kitiwa and was forced to immediately recall and delete the article from the LSK Journal Volume 11 2015.

It is this plagiarist who will be giving a lecture at Fourah Bay College. Imagine the example he would set for our future leaders.

Plagarist Lumumba's is infamous for his hoary quotes, delivered in pompous style. Even Lumumba’s speaking style can’t be termed as original. It is a poor imitation of Martin Luther King Jr

PLO Lumumba is all talk and no substance. The lawyer, lecturer and former KACC director does not espouse the ideals he preaches through his fiery big worded speeches.

When retired President Daniel Arap Moi stifled free speech and every dissent was met by torture and detention by State agents. PLO, who was a student leader at the University of Nairobi, dined and wined with the then ruling KANU party.

Kenyan Legislator MP Jeremiah Kioni recounted how the polished orator organized a demo to press for the release of fellow student leaders Mwandawiro Mghanga and Titus Adungosi. PLO being the student leader failed to show up at the Graduation Square as planned. This was classical Lumumba. In short, PLO was a sell out.

Lumumba's tenure at the head of the Kenyan Anti-corruption Commission was short-lived, inconsequential and was marred by allegations of corruption. It was alleged that he asked people to donate money to his foundation instead of prosecuting them. httpsbarire-threatens-to-sue-over-bribery-claims/1064-1223782-r3ajjf/index.html. It was during his reign that Parliament in Kenya disbanded the KACC and kicked him out and four directors in the commission including Lumumba.

By inviting Lumumba without doing due diligence on him, the Sierra Leone ACC has clearly shown it has poor judgement and cannot be trusted to do a thorough job. The commissioner's self interest of stepping in Lumumba's shoes some day clouded his judgement.

It is a huge disgrace that we will be celebrating a plagiarist, a sell out and alleged corrupt ACC Commissioner. This speaks volumes of the fight we are waging against corruption.

TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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