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21st January 2019

Nairobi Attack: 21 Confirmed Dead in DusitD2 Hotel Siege by Al-Shabab Terrorists 

By a press release (17/01/19)

At least 21 people, including a Brit, were killed when Somali militants stormed a luxury hotel in Nairobi, Kenya's government has confirmed.

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FIBank Saga: Why the Attorney General and Bank Governor Kallon Must Resign Now!

By a press release (05/01/19)

The controversies over the wrongful transfer of ownership of the First International Bank to Lilium has resulted to outbursts for heads to roll.

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Gambia Sets Records Straight as SLPP Govt in a Deep Mess over FIBANK! 

By a press release (10/12/18)

Members of the SLPP govt have messed up the investment climate credentials with their actions on the First International Bank (FIBANK).

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Guinea Becomes the Latest African Country to Legalise Polygamous Marriage

By a press release (12/01/19)

Polygamy is a centuries-old practice in Africa that has yet to disappear from modern life. Republic of Guinea is the latest to legalise polygamy.

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"Ambers of War You're Fanning Will Hunt You," Sierra Leoneans in Gambia Warn Bio!

By a press release (03/01/19)

Sierra Leoneans in Gambia have warned President Bio and First Lady that the ambers of war they're fanning will hunt them in the near future.

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Brutal but Truthful Words about Africa and Africans by a British Guitarist!

By a press release (06/12/18)

Richard Smith, a famous British guitarist did not mince his words when he brutally but truthfully described the Africa continent and its way of life.

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President Bio Plans to Fly Out Former Leader Strasser for Medical Treatment to Ghana!

By a press release (09/01/19)

The Sierra Leone President plans to fly former President Valentine Strasser to Ghana for medical treatment. A popular PR move!

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6 African First Ladies Launched 'Hands Off Our Girls' Campaign in Freetown!

By Ranger (26/12/18)

Five African First Ladies were recently hosted by the Sierra Leone First Lady as the 'Hands Off Our Girls' campaign was launched in Freetown.

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Freetown Mayor Joins World Mayors to Form First Mayors Migration Council in Morocco

By a press release (12/12/18)  

Freetown City Council Mayor has joined other Mayors around the world to launch the Mayors Migration Council MCC in Morocco, north Africa.

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Military Coupists Arrested -  a Gabon Government Spokesman Confirms!

By a press release (09/01/19)

The political situation in Gabon is "under control" following an attempted military coup, a spokesman for the government told the world this week.

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Anti-Corruption's Poor Judgment in Inviting Kenyan Orator PLO Lumumba!

By Omotund Blyden (16/12/18)

It is unfortunate the Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone invited the famous Kenyan as guest speaker on International Anti-Corruption  Day.

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TRIBUTE: Alpha Shaw

Journalist, Student Activist, Leader, 1958-1980

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Mabang Ferry Accident Should be an Eye Opener for Health and Safety in Sierra Leone!

By Alpha Ben Mansaray, Guest Editor (14/01/19)

I am still grieving with pain. Tears flooded my eyes when I arrived at 5pm at Mabang where the fatal Ferry accident took place on 14 December 2018.

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How Paopa Will End! Bio is Likened to Disgraced Albert Margai's SLPP Tribalism in Mid 60s!!

By Mahmud T Kargbo (14/01/19)

President Julius Maada Bio will end like Albert Margai whose tribalism testimony in 1965 that subsequently swept him off in to political disgrace.

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