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The Isha, FIFA Impasse not Trivial as it Hinges on Public Confidence on Public Officials!

By Habib Munda (14/10/18)

The Isha Johansen and FIFA impasse is a serious matter that do not require triviality at all as it hinges on public confidence on our public officials.

Both the Anti Corruption Commission ACC boss Francis Ben Kaifala and our Chief Minister Dr. David Francis are always too quick to react on public matters that are complex which require some critical analysis before drawing any decision notes.

There is no one strategy in public governance today as you cannot rely on one lens in situation of this nature with a national, regional and international outlays. The dynamics of events and circumstances surrounding the Sierra Leone Football Association SLFA and FIFA issues in our society do not require a sacrosanct methodology as the stakeholders involved in these processes have vested interests that they keep manipulating government after government.

We live in a complex world and society today that you don’t rely on a single element in resolving societal and global problems of this nature.

Our two brothers should learn from their boss President Julius Maada Bio, SILENT IS GOLDEN....My grand father who was a Second World War veteran used to say: “PEMIE EHEYIA AR TEHGIE” . Meaning, leaders don’t start spilling beans.

We should be honest to tell our brothers that they were too quick on the matter as there are several options to handle this issues without drawing much of public attention.

The ACC rushed to set a side the suspended SLFA President Isha and Chris Kamara, the axed FA Secretary General while they were yet to institute legal proceedings failing to seek other options as the timing was inappropriate in such a circumstance, while Chief Minister was too quick to go public against FIFA and follow ACC boss on a complex matter without any reflections.

All of a sudden the same Chief Minister was seen chairing a meeting at State House with Isha and Chris in attendance and later Isha requested to sign a letter to FIFA on behalf of SLFA. This is why he should take a responsibility and seek wider consultations on this matter as there is still room to resolve it and stop the blame game.

Setting Isha and Chris aside was not strategical though-through at that time, and by asking Isha and Chris to attend a high profile State House in the absence of both the ACC and its installed acting SLFA executives is a miscalculation in public administration.

Go back to a new drawing board and institute a wider consultations and collaborations as FIFA’s doors are still open to ensure our young people don’t miss the golden opportunities.


1958 -1980


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