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Why Did Ernest Fail to Repeal the Death Penalty in Place of Life Imprisonment?

Asks Guest Editor (07/07/18)

This is an important article that needs to be taken into serious consideration by our President Julius Maada Bio.

Why is there no mention of it in the SLPP manifesto or any others? Why has Maada Bio not mentioned it in any speech since he took power and imposed an SLPP speaker on the people of Sierra Leone using armed police? Why has the current parliament not even passed any legislation since they took office or mentioned anything about the CRC and its recommendations?

Successive govts (APC, SLPP, and NPRC) have all used the LAW to eliminate political opponents or threats since independence and continue to NOT BE SERIOUS ABOUT THE POLITICAL MURDER that was committed on behalf of the "state" because one way or the other it protects them whilst they are "in power" giving them an axe to hang over the head of the opposition as they misrule with impunity and use a broken electoral system to gain power or stay in power.

Until the death penalty for treason is repealed, until it becomes criminal to attempt to change the constitution or abuse it, and until we have an electoral system that is credible and allows the voice of the people to resonate all the way to state house, all you are doing is playing political games with the memories of the unfortunate victims that lost their life to state sanctioned murder with the silent approval of the public who stood by quietly watched it happen without any challenge.

Any loss of life for politics is one life too many and my deepest condolences to ALL who have lost loved ones to politics be it for "treason" or any other political "crime" or allegation of it.

May their souls rest in peace and may their sacrifice NOT be in vain as we try to move Sierra Leone forward in a direction towards the end the damocles sword of the death penalty for treason.

I look forward to the day where no one will ever feel it justified to commit treason or use the threat of the death penalty for treason to threaten or silence the opposition in a BETTER Sierra Leone.

If you are serious about victims of the death penalty for treason, please campaign for the repeal of the death penalty for treason so that NO ONE ELSE has to suffer the loss of the life of a loved one because of it.

Every govt that executed, hanged, or shot people to death has claimed that they were tried and found guilty of treason for which the punishment is death.

If you eliminate the death penalty, you eliminate the motivation to make up those charges or allegations and life imprisonment guarantees that those people wrongly accused, as has happened in the past, have a chance to be vindicated leading to their freedom and ARE NOT DEAD when that happens.


1958 -1980


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