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Honest Dedication at the Helm will Make Sierra Leone Free of Corrupt Practices!

By Guest Editor (30/06/18)

Our fight against corruption can only be robust and sustainable when we have a dedicated, honest chair at the helm in Sierra Leone.

The recent political opera in Sierra Leone bequeaths new series on a daily basis. We were greeted with shock when the controversial replacement of Charles Francis Margai as Attorney General and Minister of Justice by Dr. Priscilla Schwartz was announced, a female attorney whose ascendancy to the enviable position is historic.

Major media houses in the country reported the unconfirmed indictment of the former Vice President Victor Foh and other senior members of the former APC administration on a major corruption scandal-Hajjgate.

The political sledgehammer, or should I say the political-justice sledgehammer is out all of a sudden. The Anti-Corruption Commission ACC, once headed by Ady Macauley, has suddenly had an encounter with Jesus Christ, and now want to pose as born-agains in their fight against corruption.

As a nation, we welcome any indictment on corrupt officials across the political divide; however, what we frown at is selective indictments aimed at satisfying egos. The recent political chicanery exhibited by Ady Macauley has brought bewilderment to the country.

Our fight against corruption can only be robust and sustainable when we have a a dedicated, honest and an unwavering leadership at the helm of the country's counter-corruption unit. This move by the Commission lays bare an aged-long lingering theory of the vast section of the public on reasons why the ACC has failed to live up to its potential under the current leadership.

The former Commissioner Ady Macauley's moves were aimed at pleasing Ernest Koroma (even when no longer in power) will see the ACC constantly retrogress. It is an open-secret that Vice President Victor Foh's abrupt retirement from party politics and his apparent political love affair with President Julius Bio has left many teethes gnashing within the higher echelons of APC.

Many have said the life time Chairman and leader felt betrayed by his strongest political allay. "In a bid to drag the name of the former Vice President to the mud", a member of the APC-NAC I spoke with said: "President Koroma is now using his puppet at ACC to destroy the little that is left of the retired politician."

It might also be that the reason behind initiating such a move will be to curry favour from President Bio, hoping that he will be lured by such a bold move to allow the current leadership to continue - a move that will continuously cover the shady/corrupt practices of the past leadership.

But now that President Bio has replaced the remote controlled ACC boss Ady Macauley with the young and energetic lawyer Francis Ben Kaifala at the helm of the Anti-Corruption fight, Sierra Leone has more hope of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

After the compilation of a through and brilliant audit report by the Auditor General's office almost two years ago that reported of over Le. 72 billion misappropriated - especially funds related to Ebola and mudslide, with sufficient evidence to warrant investigation, the report is lying under life support on the table of the ACC Boss's office with no action taken.

You want to know why? Simply because the office of former President was somehow gravely implicated of not properly accounting for billions of leones received from humanitarian donations and goodwill.

Whilst we commend President Bio for his swift and decisive actions of late, we wish to draw his attention to this recent political satire by the former corrupt ACC boss Ady. So far, the moves taken by this current administration symbolises sobriety and credence to sustain the fight against the thieving of public funds.

It is the estimation of the writer and the public that the President needs a swift leadership at the ACC that will share his vision of fighting corruption at every level; an ACC boss that characterises the true values of the New Direction who will champion the fight against corruption for the deprived and poor people of this nation, who bear the greatest brunt of corruption.

That is why we welcomed the new ACC boss Kaifala. A Commissioner whose biggest motivating factor will be to help the New Direction succeed, thereby leaving a blueprint on our fight against corruption.

What we have before at the ACC is a Commissioner whose only commitment is to certain egos, and most importantly, retaining the hefty pay-cheques that accompanies the office and and his blind and irrational loyalty to the country.


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