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Over Wasteful Spending, APC Party Left 22 Billion Debt for New Energy Minister!

By Lamin Sheriff, Guest Editor (14/06/18)

Any government that lacks the requisite leadership only leaves behind a mess to be cleared.

Quite apart from the plethora of domestic and foreign debts the APC government subjected this country into, the leadership of the former president Ernest Bai Koroma in a diabolic attempt to wreck the economy, left behind them a debt totalling twenty two billion eight hundred and eighty seventy million, six hundred and forty six thousand, five hundred and seventy Leones) just for fuel under the Ministry of Energy.

It is believed that the company has in many times written a letter to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy in other for the then government to fulfil their commitment in honouring the payment of the debt, this step by the company has always fallen on deaf ears.

The management of the National Petroleum NP (SL) Limited has in a letter dated 25th May 2018 written a letter to the Minister of Energy informing him about a substantial debt for fuel which the past government left unattended to. This act to many reasonable Sierra Leoneans will be looked at as a deliberate attempt by the APC who knew too well that they would lose the 2018 March election.

Many critics have stated that the past government may have used some of the said fuel for their campaigns during the just concluded elections, no doubt their campaign convoy was as long as God knows how.

The NP (SL) Limited is presently constrained with funds to effectively man their businesses and operations. This act has the tendency to negatively impact on the NP as a company and the economy of the state at large.

The Social Contract Theory states that the citizens of a state surrender their rights to the government and the government in turn provides the citizens with security as needed by law.

NP (SL) Limited in fulfilling this theory has committed their cooperate responsibility in providing fuel for past governments to be paid later.

The then APC government breached the contract thereby refusing to pay for the fuel they collected and used. This is unfair, unpatriotic and attempt to trample upon the right of the company.


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