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Electricity is Not Cheap and its Not Free! SLPP Govt Must Spend!

By Chernor J. Bah, Guest Editor (06/06/18)

Electricity is not free. Frightening that President Bio's administration and henchmen have decided they won't pay to generate electricity.

Sierra Leone will be in darkness for a long time if the SLPP government adhere to this crazy thrifty plans. A lot of infrastructure is in place to generate electricity but there are everyday expenditures that MUST be paid for.

President Bio’s government has decided that buying fuel is a waste of the country's resources and Bumbuna has never and will never be enough to generate maximum electricity to serve our growing demand for energy. It's their prerogative, but this means that the country will be in darkness until they work out their mechanics on what to do next.

You can't blame former President Ernest Bai Koroma's APC government for today's blackout. That's utter nonsense! Ernest Koroma's government made a lot of progress with regards to energy generation and supply.

His energy distribution drive was complemented by several factors including Bumbuna Hydroelectric Power Supply, Addax and several other smaller hydroelectric projects. The new government led by Julius Maada Bio seems to think that electricity must be free because we have hydroelectric dams.

Firstly, those Dams don't generate enough electricity to serve the entire country and secondly, regardless of how electricity is generated, there is a cost involved in the generation of energy.

I can understand the fiscal policy this new government has taken but it wont yield good fruit. Their approach is stifling development. Energy generation and supply involves huge capital and failure for any responsible and progressive government to invest in energy is tantamount to backwardness.

Energy is the backbone towards any form of development and if a country is in complete darkness, the rate of attractive foreign investment will be very minimal. In order to achieve this, there has to be a balance, and the new Minister of Finance needs to calculate properly and place the equations.

Courtesy: Chernor J. Bah, The Fearless Patriot


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