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Six Failings of SLPP Government's Inauguration at the Siaka Stevens Stadium!

By Fuad Y. Bangura (21/05/18)

President Julius Maada Bio's Inauguration on May 12 at the Siaka Stevens Stadium has come and gone but more organisational questions remain.

This writer has highlighted many problems that marred the smooth organisation of the Inauguration of the SLPP government of President Bio. Below are some of the author's viewpoints. He questions the capability of the First Lady Fatima Bio who was chief organiser of the event:

1. Crowd management was very poor. Even when managing a peaceful and jubilant crowd, the police perceives it as a riot. Thus causing stampede and loss of innocent lives. Even the SLPP "one million man march" was better organized.

2. The use of an SLPP chaplain (Imam) in a national event is totally wrong and to a great extent contemptuous to the National Council of Imams and council of Churches (CCSL).

3. The abysmal way the National Anthem was sung is unforgivable. We can't have hip hop rappers to sing a solemn anthem like that. At least we have Balanta Music Academy, Freetown Choral Society, Victoria College of Music and many choral groups. Why not allow these experts to showcase their talents?

4. The non invitation of the 14 tribal chiefs of the Western Area is a very bad start for an inclusive government.

5. The non-inclusion of an item to allow EBK to make an address is very disappointing to say the least...all that we saw on the program was "transfer of staff of office". EBK did just that!

6. What happened to the involvement of the SLPP Women's Wing? Just asking for my cousin in Maforki!

Going forward state events must not be turned into celebrity" papi-show". SLPP is bigger than all its members. R dae na me paddy ein church, una kam meet me dae.

Courtesy: Fuad Yusuf-Bangura, PaopaFrontline


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