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APC Law Makers' Continued Silence in Parliament is Undemocratic!

By Saikujohn Barrie (14/05/18)

I notice opposition APC Members of Parliament have adopted a policy of not saying a word during parliamentary debates on issues so far.

They are constantly conspicuously silenced during debates on the approval of appointed ministers or other national issues.

My question is between the APC party and your constituents, whose interests come first? I know about Sec 77 K, so don't tell me about it.

In fact the APC as a party should be answerable to the people of Sierra Leone. The interests of the electorates should not be surbordinate to the interests of the party. Now that you adopted the dormant strategy, are you depriving your people or who?

I know you resumed sitting in order not to lose the financial benefits etc. that are attached to you being MP, but why are you receiving money without doing what you are elected to do? Is that not an other form of roguely stealing from your electorates? Why can't you negotiate if you are aggrieved rather than refusing to represent your people.

Do you think you are harming Maada Bio or his government? Anyway the government business is continuing without your contributions so keep keeping silent.

How I wish there is a sober system that guarantees electorates in your constituencies to petition you for not representing them.

You may argue that it is your right to remain silent. However it is also the right of those who voted for you to be effectively represented in parliament by articulating national issues that may have impact on their lives.

I wonder whether the unpatriotic silence strategy by the angry APC parliamentarians is part of the agreement with the ECOWAS delegation. I rest my case.


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