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The Sierra Leone Bar Association is APC and APC is the Bar Association!

By Elkass Sannoh, Guest Editor (07/05/18)

The Sierra Leone Bar Association has recently become a political stooge for the main opposition APC party in defence of the party's interests.

In the words of former United States of America President-Barrack Obama, "Africa needs strong institutions and not strong men" for the development of the continent. Unfortunately, the Bar Association has been relegated to any mushroom organisation/association at the detriment of its core values.

Many practicing lawyers have criticized the Bar Association because the Association has failed to stand the test of time during critical national issues bordering on constitutionality and democratic good governance.

"The Sierra Leone Bar Association’s existence in the current democratic dispensation is a disgrace. The Association has been widely politicized," averred the Outreach and Media Advisor of Global Africa Media-Arthur Aiah Kabbah. The current President-Mrs. Rhoda Nuni is reportedly a member of the APC party.

It could be recalled that executive members of the Bar Association issued a press release dated 30th March 2018 calling on the National Electoral Commission to fully comply with what many called an "irregular High Court Order" handed down by Justice Abdul Rahman Mansaray in a matter brought against the Commission by a member of the ruling APC then (Ibrahim Sorie Koroma) through his lawyer-Lansana Dumbuya, another staunch APC member.

This politically motivated press release was countered by seasoned lawyers. In their rebuttal, the Renaissance Movement dissociated itself from such "clandestine and an unpatriotic public statement that undermines the Bar Association and the legal profession.

The bogus press statement was reportedly influenced by the husband of the current Bar Association President (Mr. Nuni) who is a card carrier of the APC. He was working with the former First Lady (Sia Nyama Koroma).

Like the previous executive, information reaching us indicate that the bulk of the current executive are members of the APC. Called made to hear from the Bar President proved futile. Few weeks ago, Mrs. Nuni says she can't respond as she was busy at the time of call.

The Bar Association should resist being used for political reason/s as the Association was not formed to be remotely controlled by politicians.

In another opposition press release dated 28th Day of April 2018 the association states with specific reference to "the forceful eviction of elected Members of Parliament from the Well, by the Sierra Leone Police on that day; and the current impasse which hangs over sittings of a properly constituted Parliament as established by law."

The release signed by Ashmia Fofanah-General Secretary, the association says they condemned such act. Funnily, the Bar Association is now part of the main opposition APC party.

The unanswered questions are: Where was the Bar Association when President Ernest Bai Koroma violated the national constitution by sacking his Vice President-Sam Sumana?

Where was the Bar Association when the Minister of Local Government sacked an elected Mayor of Koidu City? Where was the Bar association when Lawyer Ansu Lansana lost his seat unconstitutionally?

Where was the Bar Association when Lawyer Charles Francis Margai was arrested and unlawfully detained at the CID? Where was the Bar Association when Theresa M'bomaya (FBC student) was arrested and unlawfully detained.

Bo leh Bar Association Sidom in Opposition and Support Development.


1958 -1980


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