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"Close Borders," a Journalist Urges the New SLPP Government!

By Sankara Kamara (07/04/18)

For national security reasons, President Maada Bio should close our borders, for at least two weeks. The reason?

Politicised civil servants and certain political criminals in high offices are probably sabotaging the nation by looting the coffers and other resources in their offices.

The fourteen-day border closure can be used by the new government to secure and protect some sensitive offices, including our financial institutions. Some corrupt politicians and unprofessional civil servants have become so dangerously disgruntled that they could UNDERMINE the new administration by looting the offices they control, and disappearing into thin air.

A national leader should have the disposition to make unpleasant but essential decisions. If I were Maada Bio, I would issue an executive order, necessitating a two-week border closure.

The border closure can discourage criminally-minded civil servants and political criminals from sabotaging the nation and slipping out of the country. The borders will reopen when the new government protectively secures some offices and takes control of sensitive installations.

Some looters and tribal extremists can do anything to sabotage Sierra Leone, the only country Sierra Leoneans call home.


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