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March 31, 2018 Presidential Run-Off and what the Future Holds!

By Mahmud T. Kargbo (28/03/18)

Interesting twists and turns these days in our politics. Where will this take us as a nation developmentally only God can tell.

But I have the strong feelings that whosoever wins this run off election on March 31 - after the disastrous March 27 high court postponement - the future will be difficult for the majority. All these nice speeches are purposely for political manoeuvring in order to get political mileage.

The bottom line is so many things went wrong in the last ten years which we cannot easily recover. Especially with the level of indiscipline in the lives of the majority in our social positions of trust (from politicians in the main opposition party to the ruling party and civil servants).

For instance, setting up sound economic policies with the commitment of the leader to effect such policies as per our legal books will be difficult for the potential leader. Similarly, difficult for the potential leader is his commitment to ensure independent institutions are genuinely independent to truly sustain democratic values for the benefit of the current and future generations.

This is NO child's play in a society where specific set of people over the years in social positions of trust believe they are the law or are above the law.

Surely tough times ahead for whosoever wins. The danger is it is always bad for those in our social positions of trust to pretend as if they have respect for the law, but in reality they harbour NO respect for the laws they took oath to defend.

For 56 years we continue to elect the wrong people in social positions of trust who bulldozed their ways to our social positions of trust with their military and political gears and pretended as self Moses of our land, but in reality they only amassed unexplained wealth for their selfish desires at the expense of the majority.

Are we going to repeat the same mistakes for the future. Only God knows what awaits us in the next 50 years or more?

Courtesy: By Mahmud Tim Kargbo


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