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Calls to Dismantle the Rigging Cabal within NEC as Run-Off Looms!

By a Guest Editor (20/03/18)

It started long ago. Whilst we focused on posts in other workplaces; they focused on posts in National Electoral Commission.

Whilst we were mobilising voters, they were mobilising NEC; whilst we were talking of victory based on registration figures, they were strategising on victory based on the persons who write on RRF papers, the persons who input into the computer, the persons who review what is inputted, and the entire result information system at NEC.

And then the specifics on elections:

Whilst we were busy mobilising voters to vote the night before the elections; they were mobilising Ward Coordinators and all who were storing ballot papers for deployment.

And on elections day, whilst we focused on activities outside polling stations, they focused on activities inside polling stations and very close to the ballot boxes.

And more, they focused more on elections night, on the RRF papers, on the transportation of the RRF papers, on their inputting into the database.

Yes, it is good to mobilise voters, for the fact is that our massive numbers prevented the planned knockout blow through massive rigging in the first round.

But. But. But.

Bottom line is, whilst it is now very good to mobilise voters on elections day during the second round; whilst it is very good to remove Polling Agents selection from the sole hands of constituency executives, and get more matured Polling Agents- whilst it is very good to do all that- if we don’t dismantle their NEC network, if we don’t watch the transportation of ballots and RRF papers.

If we don’t demand manual tallying that does not rely on the non- transparent information system at NEC - whatever we do, if don’t do these things- these elections are dead finish for us even before the results come out.

Ar bin done say am, en ar go say am back. We must continue to mobilise voters, but we must mobilise to get a system audit, to get a review of NEC field staff, and make NEC processes super transparent and results tallied and announced at district, regional and finally at the national level.


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