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Peace at Risk as Politics Becomes Means of Amassing Unexplained Wealth!

By Mahmud T. Kargbo (11/03/18)
It is always easier for our politicians to talk about virtues in the abstract or when it relates to others in distant climes.

When, however, they are forced to confront issues surrounding such virtues at close quarters, stoic silence where possible in expectation that such issues will disappear of own accord and or subtle, but quite effective, acts to scuttle the realisation, at close quarters or within one’s own domain, of previously extolled virtues, are set in motion under various spurious premises.

Now we all understand our PEACE is always at risk when politics become a means of amassing unexplained wealth by our politicians. It is now very clear that youth in Sierra Leone must avoid being used by our political rogues who are only concerned about their political gains. Sierra Leone youth should know we need each other even after this elections. The youth should not accept to be used by our politicians who want us to fight and harm each other just because of their political differences.

The twin virtues of Freedom and Democracy have in keeping with a new global order, become pedestals upon which States are rated as either ‘developing’ or ‘developed’; ‘Democratic’ or ‘Totalitarian’; ‘axis of evil’ or ‘champions of freedom’, and so on. In some instances, the level of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ our state is deemed to accord its nationals have served as rationale for some states to impose crippling economic, social and political sanctions on other states.

A state perceived as denying its peoples freedom and democratic practices is at every given opportunity, lampooned and cajoled until it is falls in line – until it is ‘certified’ as allowing its peoples freedom to choose their leaders, the right to democratically elect a leader of their choice and other fundamental rights encapsulated in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and various other international instruments and recognised norms.

Past and current ugly events, in Sierra Leone, have placed huge question marks on the sincerity of the majority of our political leaders passion to advance the universal rights of peacefully electing our leader, freedoms and democratic precepts.

The evolving situation in Sierra Leone is providing a closer-to-home opportunity to appraise our stance and perception of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’.

The reality is that the people Sierra Leone have in a very peaceful and democratic manner, exercised the universally recognised and acknowledged right to electing their potential leader by voting for him. The world is watching over the next few days/weeks, taking in every step Sierra Leone democratic process.

Will this elections truly reflect the choice of the people? Will economic and social strangulation be deployed to weaken the resolve of those who dares against freedom and democracy? How will the security forces react to quest for freedom and democracy within our territory?

The answers to the above questions will go a long way to determining how Sierra Leone issues of freedoms and democracy and good governance will be tolerated and perceived.

Courtesy: By Mahmud Tim Kargbo


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