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Cannibalism News in Moyamba Environs! People Warned to be Vigilant!!


Political cannibalism has always taken centre stage before and during elections in Sierra Leone.

It is no surprise this shocking news is resurfacing again as the March 7, 2018 general and presidential elections draw closer. Moyamba district is the latest to be hit with this cannibalism allegation.

Residents in Moyamba, who have confirmed this inhuman exercise, are getting jittery and anxious for their own safety and the protection of strangers in the town.

Reports say strangers have been advised to come home before midnight as they believe that's the opportuned time the cannibals often capture their preys for their blood thirsty rituals.

Most frighteningly is the fact that family members are often involve in this inhuman practice. They sacrificed their own family members to the highest bidder, who are mostly prominent people in society who wants human parts as rituals to boosts their political or business careers etc.

An anonymous Moyamba indigene recounted a recent incident when a man took his nephew to a village passing through Jama. The man left the boy on the road and decided to enter the bush to ease himself. Cannibals waiting secretly nearby almost caught that innocent boy had he not escaped. Latest reports say the uncle has been arrested and is still in custody as investigations continue.

From Taiama Junction to Moyamba, local residents believe cannibalism is rife eventhough it is largely unreported in the media. "My mom always advise me to be very careful when going to our town Mano," one irritated resident said.

Moyamba, like other districts in the country, is well noted for encouraging cannibalism in the district especially during electioneering times. "Some man dae deny say dis tin nor dae dae but dis norto today business," another resident noted in local Krio parlance.

The Organiser newspaper however believes locals must exercise caution and be vigilant in areas suspected of cannibalism in the country until after the March 7 elections at least.


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