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Why African Leaders Must Emulate Tanzanian President Magufuli Big Time


President Magufuli is unquestionably Africa's best. He is just one year in office but his achievements so far are second to none in Africa.

With his 'work and serve' motto, President Magufuli has transformed Tanzania from hopelessness to hope and progress. His government has ushered transparency, a corrupt-free society to name a few positives.

His maiden government has cut down unnecessary government expenses, ushering punctuality in government offices and merciless slashing down of large government contingent travelling abroad on official duties.

President Magufuli has passed a legislation to ban first class and business class travels by government officials in place of economy class, abandoning expensive government official vehicles and cancelling exorbitant allowances for government officials etc.

In one year, his government has saved millions of US dollars that he is now spending on refurbishing hospitals, schools, road constructions, improve salaries and so on.

President Magufuli has even cut down to size his own contingent thus saving millions to spend on improving the lives of ordinary people, who are in actual fact the masters and not the servants. Sad that many governments do not consider the electorates as masters but rather the other way round. 

Magufuli’s popular vision brings to mind the teachings and practices of other true sons of Africa namely Moise Samora Machel, Steve Biko, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Amilcar Cabral, Kwame Osagyefo Nkrumah and many others in Africa and abroad.

No surprise that some media outlets in Tanzania are crying foul because their paymasters are being squeezed day in day out by the Magufuli revolution. Crying for press freedom does not really bother the long suffering people who see their president as their saviour. 

May God protect the likes of President Magufuli from all evil forces; Mr. President, the Organiser newspaper salutes you for truly serving the forgotten people. God bless.


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