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Africa Must and Should be the Last Destination!!


In a bar in South London, two African guys were saying the West is the last destination to achieve success and prosperity.

A Jamaican listening intently, immediately disputed their viewpoint and said Africa supposed to be the last destination. I nodded in affirmation and added that that is only possible if Africans, especially educated ones, get rid of the mental slavery stigma that continues to disturb many of their rational thoughts. It pains me when I hear educated black men and women easily conclude that the West is the last destination or heaven on earth.

Yes, it's true the West is politically, economically far advanced than Africa. Not because they are richly endowed or more brilliant than Africans but because most African nations lacked leaders who have their own independent national visions to propel their countries progressively without undue interference and pressures from 'Big Brothers or Sisters'.

Unarguably, Africa is the richest continent in the world because it is naturally endowed with everything priceless you can think of. But we are still poor in every aspects of human imagination. Some of our forefathers are to blame for this current painful situation where majority of Africans think coming to the West is the only option to progress.

However, many Africans are excelling admirably in Africa surpassing many of their compatriots who live in the Diaspora. Until Africans are emancipated from mental slavery, if I may borrow a quote from Pan African guru Marcus Garvey, Africa will never emerge from these doldrums. But how can we when there is a massive brain drain from Africa coming to the West to seek greener pastures? It's a difficult situation indeed.

Diasporans are currently contributing over 30% to the fragile economies of many Africa nations through the weekly or monthly monies sent to family members and friends. For us the lucky or unlucky ones residing in the developed countries, we have to thank the Almighty for having the opportunity to enjoy all the basic fundamentals of life available in the West, a far cry from the destitution and poverty that markedly identify majority of our compatriots back in Africa. No place like home.

But how can you go back home when the spirits of African revolutionaries like Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Bai Bureh of Kasseh, Thomas Sankara, Moise Samora Machel, Samory Toure, Amilcar Cabral etc. are still burning with rage for the letting their beloved Africa down?

I still believe our continent is down and but not totally out yet. We must pray for divine intervention to help get Africa the true patriots that it urgently needs to reshape the continent. A loud knock on my door woke me up suddenly from my deep slumber. Ooh I was dreaming. What a dream!!!!!


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