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An Institution that Produces Inspirational Leaders is the APC Party


The ruling All Peoples Congress APC is one institution that always produces meaningful leaders to head the party.

Sierra Leone is getting closer to an important election which has to determine someone who can take over the good and hardworking leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma. President Koroma has been a grass root president throughout the country dotted with experience, accommodation, tolerance, sacrifice and dedication to his Job.

With no surprise, the institution which he is representing the All People's Congress (APC) is well known for producing leaders that are dedicated to the country's development. Many opposition members who know the political history of the APC are very eager to know who could succeed President Koroma. From findings, these names - Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh, John Bonoh Sisay, Joseph F Kamara, Alimamy Petito Koroma, Moseray Fadika, Lawyer Abu Bakarr Sidiq Kaloko,

Hawa Zainab Bangura, Minkailu Mansaray, Dr. Keifala Marrah, Dr. Sam Sesay, Dr. Sylvia Blyden, Diana Konomany, Pat-Sowe etc.) are all capable hands who could represent the country well. They all have proven track record to step in after President Ernest Bai Koroma come the 2018 elections.

Sierra Leoneans just need to be patient and continue to help implement Agenda for Prosperity and surely when the time is ripe, the APC will present you one of these patriotic Sierra Leoneans.

Courtesy: DE SUN-Sun Rise Communication Unit


1958 -1980


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