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 Local Content Policy is Excellent Achievement for Ernest

By the Ranger, Special Commentary (03/09/17)

One of the good things under the present APC administration is ushering the Local Content Act that empowers local businesses to excel.

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APC Must Drop Complacency to Win the 2018 Elections!

By a Special Commentary (09/07/17)

Complacency, party affiliations and overconfidence are the causes why the APC lost the bye elections at Kechun in Kambia.

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Did the ADP Leader Arrested for Illegal Possession of Gun Violate the Law?

Asks Editayo G. Temple, Special Commentary (11/06/17)

The arrest and detention of the ADP leader for illegal possession of arms has brought focus on the Sierra Leone arms law.

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Is the NEC Boss Competent to Hold the 2018 Elections?

Asks Editayo G. Temple, Special Commentary (12/05/17)

This is the burning question on the lips of many Sierra Leoneans as we prepare for the March 7 general elections next year.

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JFK: The Man Next Door, Lecturer's Thought‼

By Prof Septimus Kanu, Special Commentary (14/02/17)

Politicians in Sierra Leone are a notorious set - they top superstars list.

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Journalist's View on Why SLPP Thug Attacks the APC Spokesman

By Tony Bee, Special Commentary (10/12/16)

A must read editorial penned by Guest Commentator Tony Bee from Australia.

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Reminiscing the First 4 Brilliant Years of the APC in Governance

By Thorlu, Special Commentary (18/11/16)

In 2007, Sierra Leoneans were running to the polling stations to vote for the New APC back in to power leaving their priceless shoes behind.

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Some of Us Will Continue to Support President Koroma Forever

By Gunther AB Daramy, Special Commentary (19/10/16)

This prolific Sierra Leone journalist Mr. Gunther Daramy, like others, is very impressed with President Ernest Koroma's presidency.

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Bondo Society and the FGM Debate Rages on in Sierra Leone!!

By The Ranger, Special Commentary (08/09/16)

The nation has lately been embroiled in a heated debate on social media concerning the Bondo Society and the Female Genital Mutilation.

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1958 -1980


How Seriously Sick is the Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio?

Asks Pastor Mohamed Sesay, Guest Editor (14/08/18)

The rumour mill has gone overdrive recently regarding the health of the Sierra Leone Head of State. Now questions are being asked.

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Should the Innocent Suffer for the Wicked? - A Test Case for President Bio!

By the Ranger (14/08/18)

It is hoped that the new direction by the SLPP government will usher in a new system where the wicked pay the price and the innocent placated.

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