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Put Sierra Leone First as Guest Writer Sides Centre for Research

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo, Special Commentary (10/03/16)

The Centre for Research, Documentation Policy Studies and Development of Law is challenging everyone to put the country first!!!

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Delayed Stipend Payments Not Good for Youth Farm Project

By Special Commentary (04/03/16)

The vision by the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Youth Affairs needs to buckle up to make the youth farm project a success.

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Killer Car Seats Killing More! Police, SLRSA on Sleep Mode!

By Special Commentary (22/02/16)

The alarming rate of vehicle accidents on our roads cannot be unconnected to reckless driving and persistent use of derelict vehicles.

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This is a Conspiracy as 10,000 Pre-Paid Meters Destroyed by Fire!

By Special Commentary (15/02/16)

The rampant fire outbreaks in the capital Freetown today has made tongues to wag as to whether these fires are the result of sabotage!

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Clever to Stop Politicising a Matter in a Competent Court of Law

By Special Commentary (10/02/16)

Alie Kabba's bigamy charge has prompted the clarion call to stop politicising a matter that is before a competent court of jurisdiction.

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After Thought of Alie Kabba: "OMG is it the Beginning of my End?"

By  Special Commentary (01/02/16)

In my ignorant exuberance, and maybe due to the effect of illegal substances I took, I introduced the people's court to humiliate fellow students.

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The Naivety Behind the Comparison of FBC and UNIMAK

By Claude B. Davies (23/01/16)

It amazes me to read a piece on the social media captioned: "UNIMAK defeats FBC."

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The Liars that are Lying to Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, the NGC Leader!

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay (02/01/18)

Standing by the side of the pool were four categories of people from whom Yumkella was seeking advice as his head stays above water for a time.

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From Kenema with Hate: Why SLPP will Lose the 2018 Elections!

By Bockarie K. Sama (01/10/17)

This writer, an ardent supporter of the main opposition party, has highlighted why his beloved SLPP party has messed up big time.

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1958 -1980


Democratic Erosion Under Ernest Koroma and the 2018 Elections

By Dr. Jimmy D. Kandeh, Guest Editor (14/02/18)
The expectation that governance will improve under President Koroma has instead witnessed steady democratic erosion under the APC.

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Sierra Leone Lawyer Denounces President Koroma's Dual Citizenship Hypocrisy!

By Anonymous Lawyer (14/02/18)
President Ernest Koroma's blatant double standard on Sierra Leoneans with dual citizenship is being criticised by all patriotic citizens.

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