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Save Sierra Leone Democracy from Destruction Post Ernest. How True?

By Mahmud T. Kargbo, Special Commentary (12/05/17)

The identification of faults in any area can often lead to the discovery that an individual or an institution is acting improperly contrary to law.

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Ideas that will Strengthen the APC National Youth League

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo, Special Commentary (03/04/17)

Have you participated in any activities of the APC National Youth League? Do you want to be in the midst of those sharing their experience?

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Is it True that the Deadly Ebola has Returned to Sierra Leone?

Asks Ahmed S. Nasralla, Special Commentary (06/03/17)

It was on a sunny afternoon, when the village hunter returned from the Gola Forest.

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Time for all our Politicians to Protect the Trees that Provide Shade

By Abu Shaw (03/02/17)

It is indeed worrying for my beloved APC party.

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Can the Likes of Maada Bio Really be Considered 'Fathers of Democracy'?  

Asks Mahmud Tim Kargbo, Special Commentary (12/01/17)

Maada Bio's Pa-O-pas and the likes think they would achieve by deceitfully labelling themselves 'fathers of democracy'!!

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The APC Party will Continue to be Pacesetters and for How Long?

By Mohamed Sankoh, Special Commentary (22/12/16)

In Britain, former Prime Minister David Cameron shot himself in the head by provoking Brexit.

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How Could Subscribers Get Power, If the Fuel is Stolen?

Asks N'Bompa, Special Commentary (16/11/16)

The National Power Authority (NPA) handed the baton to EDSA and EGTC after going through several mishaps.

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We Need to Smoke the Peace Pipe for Our Country

By Abu Shaw (02/05/16)

Sierra Leone has suffered immeasurably over the years. Thousands have died needlessly for no justifiable reasons.

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Alie Kabba Lacks the Nutrients to Lead the SLPP party and Sierra Leone!!

By Abu Shaw in London (12/12/15)

Nineteenth century British politician and historian John Dahberg-Acton once stated: "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

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1958 -1980


Elitism and the Growing Protests Spoiling the SLPP Party: Six Good Reasons Why!

By Fuad Y. Bangura (21/06/18)

While I remain very optimistic that the New Direction agenda has a great potential to transform this country, I must express my dissatisfaction NOW.

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Cristiano Ronaldo's Vital Lesson! How Many Will Appreciate a Friend's Help?

By Special Commentary (21/06/18)

This piece is worth reading by everyone whether you are sportive or not. It is about football star Cristiano Ronaldo's vital lesson.

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