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APC Network thinks President Bio is Wasting State Coffers on Frequent Travels!

By Tagmen (21/11/18)

Ardent opposition APC supporters feel that President Julius Maada Bio is wasting Sierra Leone's finances thanks to some meaningless travels.

The APC Global Media Network writes: The man who boasted of financial prudence and commitment to cut wastage has got a field day in wasting State resources on frequent overseas travels.

What a hypocrisy! Since the former junta leader assumed office slightly over seven months ago, he has been travelling abroad so frequently like an over-excited sailor, spending nearly 20% of his time out of the country.

Although some of President Bio's overseas trips are necessary, most are unnecessary and completely wasteful, considering the manner he has been exaggerating the poor state of the economy he claimed to have inherited.

Besides, this man has a wife, Fatima Bio, who brings her celebrity mentality at State House. She is always travelling out with her husband and attracting attention and enjoying the fanfare of overseas trips, all at the expense of the State, while the economic hardship under the so-called new direction is biting the ordinary people as hard as an angry viper.

"We are beginning to have tremendous doubts and fear over the inconsistencies and double standards over this man's presidency," said a middle-age truck driver at Waterloo Park Ataya Base.

"With this disappointing start, I wonder whether any good will come out of his presidency to deserve a second term at State House, considering his strange style of governance," the angry truck driver added.

Courtesy: The APC Global Media Network (TAGMEN)


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