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Bye-Elections Cold-Blooded Murder is a Scandal that Shames Sierra Leone Politics!

By Abu Kamarah (07/10/18)

The killing of the Sierra Leonean boy during the Tonko Limba bye-elections is a shameful and scandalous politicking in the country!

For national peace and unity to prevail, such political atrocities must be stop by both the APC and the SLPP political parties! The 'pull him/her down (phd)' political madness and stupidity should and must be put to an end in our motherland’.

May God forbide. If this worrisome road is continued, the next civil war will be both regional and tribal that will result to the ugliest and nastiest of civil wars and the most difficult one to end!

As a young nation in the 21st Century, is that what we want? Please, please and please, the instigators and authors of such primitive politics must bury their empty heads in shame!

Between the Mendes and the Temnes, both are to be blamed equally for the deplorable plight of our country and people for past decades!

And after having lost the last elections, why not give the Maada Bio SLPP government a chance, a breathing space to make mistakes and correct their mistakes? I am a northerner. I witnessed the last elections from start to finish and I was based in Rokupr, so I know what happened!

It’s been said that to whom much is given, a lot more is expected! I was in Kambia Town on that Tuesday night, the eve of the 2018 general elections, former President Ernest Bai Koroma was also in Kambia by 23.30 hours!

Why on earth a sitting President was campaigning at that late hour, dishing out APC Party T-shifts, each accompanied with Le 50,000.00 in Le 10,000.00 notes?

Regrettably, days before that Dr. Sam Sesay, former Agriculture Minister and his marauding APC 'Jamba smoking' thugs, unleashed mayhem and terror on innocent men and women!

Supporters of the NGC Party were chased and banished from Tonko Limba, marooned and forced to seek refuge in bushes and forests for days on end! Personally, I helped to treat and feed some NGC members fleeing from Sam Sesay’s madness and APC thuggery!

I am not saying that the SLPP should reciprocate or 'fallamakatter' or 'tansanneh' or 'kallah' the APC political madness and thuggish electioneering behaviour. What I am trying to simply say is that the SLPP must and should be seen to behave responsibly in a statesman like manner in order to occupy a political moral high ground! 'Tit for tat' politics is very antithetical in a fledgling and neonate democracy like Sierra Leone!

For far too long, this madness has been incubated, nursed and unleashed on our country and people by avaricious, abysmally greedy and unpatriotic political lunatics, parading as politicians (political misfits at best)!

Fellow compatriots, brothers and sisters, let us collectively condemn and denounce these acts of violence, their sponsors and their perpetrators! These acts of vitriolic violence, if not stopped now, by the antagonistic, violent-minded and hate propagating and sponsoring APC and SLPP, will lead Sierra Leone to a hellish and regretting end!

Peaceful, good, sane and nationalistic Sierra Leoneans, today is the time to condemn and express your outrage to prevent any future mayhem!

Courtesy: by worried Abu Kamarah (aka Abu IKh)


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