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A Worthy National Security Message for President Julius Maada Bio!

By Enzay Amara (21/07/18)

I have listened to a recapitulation of the GTT Report and the criminality with which Ex-President Ernest Koroma's government looted our country is unforgivable.

As a man who assumed the presidency for personal enrichment, Ernest Koroma simply took over the main sources of wealth in Sierra Leone and became a compulsive looter, Mobutu-style. Ernest Koroma and his gang HATE Sierra Leone so much that they readily undermined the country's capacity for recovery, deepened poverty and reduced Sierra Leone to a lootable property.

This is the same criminal APC which took over the country in the late 1960s until the outbreak of war in 1991, a mournful period which laid the groundwork for a hideous civil war.

The Transition Report that catalogued Ernest Koroma's wickedness is so shocking that President Bio needs copious amounts of pragmatism to safely steer the republic. Here is an unflattering message to President Maada Bio. Exposed as heartless criminals who should face the full force of the law, Ernest Koroma and his gang could resist prosecution by conspiring to destabilize the country.

From misuse of office to national betrayal, the case against the former president is so serious that Ernest Koroma's shamelessness could prod him into believing that he has nothing to lose, by destabilizing the state. The man has hundreds of millions of dollars, heartlessly stolen from a postwar country in convalescence. Reacting to the Transition Report, President Bio rightly stated that in the war against corruption, "corruption might fight back."

Fighting back includes scheming to destabilize the state and prevent the rule of law from retrieving the people's money, mostly stashed in offshore accounts. Ernest Koroma certainly retains operational channels of communication with top-ranking police and military officers, who were promoted and positioned to protect the APC during its orgy of national destruction. These are some of the reasons why President Bio should conduct a careful and deliberate reorganization of the security services.

It is terribly foolish to believe that the unprofessional myrmidons in the security services who showed a willingness to murder Sierra Leoneans, steal elections and protect Ernest Koroma at all costs, have become professional men, overnight. Unprofessional instead of nationalistic, Ernest Koroma's errand boys should never be trusted at the helm of our security services.

The infantile naivete which erroneously assumes that Ernest Koroma is a harmless man, should NEVER be embraced by President Maada Bio, who is constitutionally obliged to protect life and limb in Sierra Leone. If Ernest Koroma can criminally sell Sierra Leone to foreign companies and steal hundreds of millions of dollars from a disease-plagued country, he could be reckless enough to connive with loyalists and bid to destabilize the state.

The security services should be reorganized. A plunderer who became president, Ernest Koroma is one of the African reasons why thousands of desperate Africans are starving in the Sahara Desert and perishing in the Mediterranean Sea, fleeing and hoping to liberate themselves from the man-made misery unleashed by thieves like Ernest Koroma.

I wish President Bio the far-sighted posture he needs to steer the ship of state, while lubricating the wheels of justice that will drive the wicked Ernest Koroma to prison.


1958 -1980


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