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APC Supporter Cautions the New SLPP Government of President Maada Bio!

By Mohamed Sankoh (07/07/18)

I have followed with patience the political trend since the President Julius Maada Bio won the presidency of Sierra Leone.

As a critique who always doubted the former Head of State ever becoming president under a democratic dispensation, I was shocked by the unexpected outcome of the election. But as a true Muslim and patriotic citizen my criticism is limited to objectivity rather than undermining the government for cheap political goals.

I remain an APC supporter but I will never join with greedy and unpatriotic individuals to undermine the government of the day. Five or ten years of wasted years has huge negative effect on the citizens and very little impact on we the politicians. When a government fails, the country will definitely suffer; yet the politicians whether in opposition or not will continue to enjoy. In my case for example I was lucky, like many others, to be given the opportunity to study here in America by the then government of my party. I owe so much to Former President Ernest Bai Koroma and the party as a whole for aptly empowering the next generation of the leadership of our party.

My concern however is to advise the present SLPP GOVERNMENT to replicate the same. Why this is important is simply because our party will not be flooded by disgruntled elements from other political parties like it happened in 2012. Those disgruntled political prostitutes partially contributed to the problems of our party, APC. For instance, Mohamed Bangura, former Information Minister, who now parades with a $136,000 G-Wagon is a dishonest and power thirst politician.

First he was SLPP, later PMDC, then UDM and now the APC. No doubt that he is a trouble maker and a very greedy and corrupt element who contributed to our failure in the last Presidential election. Chief Sumano Kapen, Franklyn Rogers, Robin Fallay and Med Kay all brought their BAD LUCK and curse to the comradeship of our great party. Honestly it was when these people crosscarpeted that the disturbances ended in the SLPP and ours started whilst the election approached.

The SLPP should equally empower the young and grassroots to enable competitiveness in our democracy and governance system. I am very abhor to political crosscarpeting because those who do so are mostly corrupt, greedy and overambitious politicians whose only motive is to be involved with the powers that be for selfish motives. In most cases these are individuals without morals and integrity, and are also lacking in patriotism. Today, Julius Maada Bio is in power and it's a shame that the same people who wined and dined with us are fighting hard, while most are already dining with the present government.

Some are even using civil society and other organizations to infiltrate and undermine the government. Just last week I was having a chat with a young overzealous SLPP supporter I had befriended on social media during the political campaigns, and he narrated his frustration of how a friend from college who had always expressed his dislike for Julius Maada Bio and SLPP now has closer ties with his government.

He said the young man was now using his civil society organization to advance his interest with ministers and the First Lady by nominating her and other young people in the SLPP government to the 50 MOST INFLUENCIAL SIERRA LEONEANS. Comparing the list of resipients last year and this year, one will clearly see that when it was the APC that was in power, our members flooded the list, and now mostly SLPP members flooded the list.

No prejudice to few deserving individuals who made it on that list. Deserving or not the pattern has Sychophatic motive for political favour and connection. Sychophacy at play! The young man he said was in fact a member of the JFK support group and I had had a discussions with him prior to our convention in Makeni. He is using the rogue award to have political connection in a party he always doubted and blatantly criticise, just as he did when we were in power. Such deceptions are working on the SLPP top politicians expecially the First Lady. They were all smiling at the awards as if a Nobel Peace Prize was awarded them unrealising the ploy to infiltrate the top.

I will not however subcribe to criticism of the First Lady accompanying our Sierra Leone artists supported mainly by Kabaka of the KME fame to Ghana. In fact Mrs Bio deserves much praises for inspiring those young talented stars of our country. Yes Kabaka is APC and one of former president Koroma's most trusted boys, but his intentions and actions may be genuine. Besides, Fatima Bio is also a politician and should according relate when she is working with folks from the other party.

I can understand the frustration of our brothers in the SLPP. No jobs yet and my comrades are already accused of unpatriotically undermining the government as we still occupy top positions in the government. I will not support such ungodly politics because Sierra Leone comes first than my party.

President Bio should however be very proactive and expected to act fast otherwise my comrades are bent on creating havoc and mayhem, politically. Let put the country first.

Courtesy: By Mohamed Sankoh of APC, Fodi Pepu Media Team


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