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Chief Minister Francis David - So What's Wrong? APC's Grand Plan Exposed!

By Pastor M. Sesay (31/05/18)

It was during the Margaret Thatcher era as Prime Minister of Britain that Michael Heseltine was appointed New Minister of Trade.

Heseltine was never comfortable with the word "minister" so he made himself 'President of Trade'. There was never any cause to complain by anybody even including the Prime Minister herself and members of the opposition Labour party who saw the move as an innovation not something to die for.

In Britain then, Cabinet Ministers were referred to as "Ministers" but the Minister of Finance has his or her own nomenclature and that is, Chancellor of the Exchequer. There never has been any problem with that. But today in the UK, they are called 'Secretaries' in cabinet and of course there are also ministers.

Sierra Leone's main opposition All Peoples Congress party, since its downfall in the 2018 elections, has not been having any rest or even sleep but has been busy looking for faults in the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party which defeated it, with the APC coming up daily with highly relentless propaganda rhetoric about one fault or the other, but what the APCs must know is that you cannot bring a good man down and His Excellency Dr Bio is a good man that is highly blessed who cannot be put down by any son of man.

Bio is different from the failed ex President Ernest Koroma in that Bio's government is an all inclusive government with consultations with all concerned before major decisions are taken unlike the Lone Ranger Ernest who will just unilaterally think of a plan today and without anybody else knowing, makes it a policy issue in the next hour.

For President Bio it is "we all dae woke" different from Ernest's mantra of "de pa dae woke" so despite the way the failed APC is trying to make mountains out of a nomenclature of "Chief Minister" molehill, it is obviously clear that Vice President Juldeh Jalloh was part of the decision to change the "Chief of Staff" nomenclature which was there in the Ernest Koroma days, to "Chief Minister" which VP Juldeh never had any problem with but which the APCs are lyingly claiming he has a problem with.

In fact, strangely, APC wants to kill itself over something that is just nothing with the failed APC coming up with one allegation after another but its bad plans will never work and it will never succeed in its grand plan to wage a war against the ruling SLPP which is now comfortably in governance.

APC is uncomfortable with the nomenclature of "Chief Minister" because of the grand plan it harboured before the 2018 elections for that Chief Minister position. APC is jittery because it knows that its plan will never work again even after ten or more years in opposition as God wills.

Before the elections, APC had the grand plan to create a Chief Minister which rank will be that of a Prime Minister above the rank of Vice President and that Chief Minister will succeed the President if he becomes incapacitated or died. The National Constitution will then be rewritten for that sole purpose.

After that, failed no more president Ernest Koroma will be made Chief Minister while his stooge, Samura Kamara sits as president-in-waiting-to-die.

After six months in office, Samura will begin to suffer from some strange illness either through "gbagba" or "konthe" or blockage or "allay" and his condition will deteriorate in such a way that there will be no alternative but to step down to suffer alone and failed Ernest will become king and serve his 3rd term as president by default.

But God protected Samura because of his prayers and thanks be to God that the people rejected him because if not, he could right now be expecting some gbagba ailment with all sorts of juju illnesses buffeting him.

For the government, Chief Minister it is and Chief Minister it will remain with no new duties but only a name change. Well done Dr Julius Bio for the innovation.

Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay


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