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Main Opposition APC Party Lived by Injunctions and Must Die by Injunctions!

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay (07/05/18)

Please help look at the political party called All Peoples Congress party. Look at it again in its new found status as opposition leader.

And suddenly after it was given a good beating by the ever victorious President Julius Maada Bio, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Fountain of Honour, the ever versatile and hands on President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Before its defeat at the polls in the 2018 Presidential election, APC was a party on a journey all those years ago, a journey to bring down all the facets of society, to tear down everything called legality, to bulldoze every good organization that it thought stood on its way including the Economic Community of West African States, to put in torment all those it deemed to be against it.

To the APC then, law and order was something that could be bought and for the APC, justice was a joke. The APC banked on the courts to take advantage of other political parties and their members. It basked on the infamy of raw injustices meted out on opponents and lived by injunctions and petitions to frustrate opponents.

As the years went, the APC, having been intoxicated with absolute power unchecked, became a no respecter of law and order. It ran riot with much injustice leaving the people completely unprotected.

Because it was in governance, it had everything its way. Applications for injunctions it won. Supreme Court cases, it won hands down. It was enjoying its new found conqueror status then and never cared a bit about the feelings of others.

Now take a look at this cry baby APC now going around complaining for any small thing. Now the APC no longer loves the courts as it used to do. Now suddenly the courts have become sworn enemies. The petitions and injunctions that it once loved, it now hates with passion and wants out of them. It was good for the goose then and now APC never wants it to be good for the gander but APC will never be allowed to have things its own way by dictating terms.

APC must succumb to the dictates of the courts as other political parties especially the now ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party, used to. All those years back, APC enjoyed it when because of petitions and injunctions, the party gained two parliamentary seats in the deepest heartlands of the SLPP.

Sixteen of the APC's supposedly bogusly elected members of Parliament have been injuncted and those 16 must never go to that Parliament until their petitions matters have been heard and decided on.

The first time they went to Parliament as illegals and misbehaved so nobody will know what tricks they will have up their sleeves if they were to be allowed to go there again without the courts making decisions on their matters. All 16 must stay off and if the rest of them want to join them by not going to Parliament, let them do. It's their right and their cuppa tea but those 16 must not go there.

In fact it will be a good thing for this country if there are no APC MPs in Parliament as their plans for gong there may be bad which will invite untold problems to the House. Just hope the APCs see sense and abandon the House until the next elections. All their plans for Speaker and total control have been exposed and neutralized so they have nothing doing there again.

APC, all those years ago, used to live by injunctions so it is high time that APC dies by injunctions.


1958 -1980


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