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APC's Vicious Plots Against the New SLPP Govt of President Bio!

By Pastor Sesay (07/04/18)

APC party has hatched a treacherous plan to take this country back to the dark ages of the Ernest Koroma nonsensical era.


At a time when the whole nation is thinking that the time for politics is finally over and the country will now be bracing itself to help the new government reverse the negative trends created by the outgone failed All Peoples Congress party which is currently in disarray after it was bulldozed out of office by the might of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, Samura Kamara, the defeated presidential candidate of the perennial loser called the APC, has hatched a treacherous plan to take this country back to the dark ages of the Koroma nonsensical era where anarchy and criminality and high forms of corruption reigned supreme, by lyingly planning to go to the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone to bogusly and falsely claim that he was cheated at the polls.

Having failed with his heartless plan to delay the announcement of the 2018 presidential election, Samura Kamara of Kamalo fame without ever considering the negative effects the prolonging of this election has had on the whole nation, is planning again to take this country to election days when we have long passed that stage.

In his quest to sabotage this government, Samura plans to lie that voters over voted in the victorious SLPP's strongholds when in fact it was in the strongholds of the lying APC that mass over voting and stuffing and thefts of ballot boxes, took place.

Citizens of this country must note that all along Samura never had any good plans for this country but to bring it down by following in the steps of arch failure Ernest Bai Koroma.

Do gooders are egging him on to go to court for pointless matters which will be shamefully thrown out of court by the learned judges who are just fed up with thses APC gimmicks.

Samura, and your failed APC, please note that you will never hold this beautiful nation to ransom as you did over the past ten and more years. The people of this country have found you out with your plots to wreck a nation by tricks. Elections are over with so what else?

HE Dr Bio is the chosen of The Almighty God, who despite all your fake and abominable allegations and blatant lies against him, has sailed through to the throne as appointed of God.

Your plan is to waste tax payers money on a futile endeavor to treacherously war against the man who beat you and to further wage an almighty war against the people of Sierra Leone. You're just wasting your time - your mischievous plan will never work.

All the foreign elections observers have made it plain to the whole world that the runoff election which Samura lost woefully, was held under international best practices. So why is Samura so worked up about a case? Nothing will be achieved just mischief making. This land that some of us love and most of those at the APC hate, must now have rest from elections.

There is one thing remarkable about Abacha women and that is their love for anarchy. For them, selling illegally on main roads, is all what life must be about. They don't give a hoot about the peace and tranquility of this country just that any government must pat them on their backs for gross impunity.

And another strange thing about these Abacha women is that they don't just sell their wares quietly but politicise their selling. During election periods, they will be highly vociferous in their support for the outgone APC administration, their godfather in anarchy who use them against especially the governing Sierra Leone Peoples Party. They not only rain abuses and supporters of the SLPP but they launch physical attacks against them.

Less than 24 hours after SLPP took the reins of power, these highly treacherous Abacha women are up to their dirty and lying tricks again by falsely claiming that SLPP supporters destroyed their tables when in fact it was rabble rousing hooligans of the outgone APC party who went on the rampage past Wednesday that targeted them after they destroyed the banner of HE Dr Bio.

1sr lady, HE Fatima Bio, made a pledge to them that they will not be moved until provisions are made for them but they're jittery not trusting on their fellow woman's promise because, as the saying goes, the guilty are always afraid. Let those Abacha women relax and behave themselves until this new caring government help them.

People living along and around Sanders and Siaka Stevens Streets, were met with a rude awakening when around 6pm past Wednesday they saw ruffians who had broken out of the All Peoples Congress party HQ at Old Railway Line, marching warlike along those streets singing war songs, brandishing machetes and other crude weapons and screaming: "We nor go gree, nar over vote". Panic stricken passers by ran for their lives as the APC warriors marched, attacking whom they can and wresting their phones and belongings from them.

The APC warriors went first to PZ roundabout and destroyed the banner of HE Dr Julius Maada Bio and went on the rampage along Sani Abacha Street and destroyed the tables of the Abacha women and looted their property.

The APC warriors then went to Lightfoot Boston Street where they caused much mayhem and damage to shops and other buildings throwing missiles at them. Two women were mercilessly beaten by the APC thugs and a man was wounded on his head.

All this hooligan behavior is just clear evidence that the outgone APC party is determined to sabotage this new government this early after President Bio was duly elected President of the Republic of Sierra Leone on the same day.

APC is criminally minded using young people to carry out its dirty acts all in its quest to undermine the new Bio administration. But it will never work.

AIG Karrow Kamara has been used to giving orders for innocent civilians to be shot at by the police. It has become a hobby for him over the past ten years under the APC administration.

Now that APC is gone, he is up to his old murderous tricks again by creating an atmosphere to create provocation that will lead to chaos.

After hooligans of the outgone APC party attacked SLPP supporters at Kenema, Karrow Kamara ordered police to fire shots at the SLPP Kenema party office where ten people were injured.

Karrow Kamara is one of those APC police officers that are against change hoping to be acting with impunity against innocent citizens. Karrow Kamara who escaped from Kenema last night, must answer for his crimes.

Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay, ardent SLPP supporter.


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