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Lawyer Likens Maada's Pedigree to the Vital Stamps on our Parcels!

By Solomon Jamiru Esq (28/03/18)

One rarely see articles that endorse the controversial SLPP leader Julius Maada Bio in Sierra Leone's political landscape as the run-off looms.

Solicitors who register deeds or instruments on behalf of their clients, at the office of Administrator and Registrar-General, Walpole Street, Freetown, can tell you the importance of affixing stamps to such registrable documents.

In a similar token, those who send letters by post or courier appreciate the stamp as a defining feature of the postal service. Those stamps bear duties and so we pay for them.

Whenever we post letters or receive them, we hardly appreciate how faithful and persevering the stamps on those letters have been. As a matter of fact, all we are interested in is the content of the letter, or what is contained in the deed. We tear off the envelope which bears the stamp, we dispose of them, and are quickly consumed in the substance of the letter or deed.

Do you know that a man with a vision is like a postal stamp? As the stamp sticks to the parcel until it reaches its destination, so does a man with vision stick to his goal until the target is hit.

Julius Maada Bio took off the military regalia, stepped down from the most coveted and unrivalled office of head state, supreme executive authority, and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, grappled with the turmoils and vicissitudes of post-presidential life (sometimes people transmitting photos of him and the presumptive first lady sitting in a London bus)......suggesting that this is the guy who seeks our presidency....not a presidential material at all. Wow.

The bible says "judge not, and you will not be judged." When the people claimed that they had caught a woman in adultery and brought her to Jesus to sanction her death by stoning, didn't Jesus say to them "who amongst you hasn't sinned, let him cast the first stone", and they all disappeared? Oh mortals, and oh Sierra Leoneans, let us be careful how we classify and judge our fellows.

I have watched Julius Maada Bio go through the hurly-burly of politics, brave through the mockeries and condescending estimations of him, and have always admired how he smiled at the unimaginable conspiracies against him. Today, he has become an irrefutable evidence, and I dare say, the most compelling fact that Sierra leoneans have to come to terms with.

Julius Maada Bio has come to prove that if you stick to your dream just as the stamp sticks to the parcel in the post or courier, someday somehow, you can prove your critics wrong. He is the presumptive first gentleman, and this validates the truth that God most times looks out for, and uses the most unlikely instruments. He does not call those who sit on high horses and make high sounding noises... He qualifies those He calls.

Sierra Leoneans, let us take this story as a humbling experience, and always remember that the stamp on the parcel is an important lesson.


1958 -1980


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