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 Vital Advice for Mr. President as March 7, 2018 Elections Draw Nearer!

By Mohamed Zackew, Special Commentary (07/12/17)

Mr. President, I write to inform you about the way you have ruled this country some ten years ago.

You came into power by popular votes in run-off polls! Political situation was normalized but less than 72 hours of your victory, the opposition office in Freetown was attacked by your party members, since then, no reaction, no justice. 

Subsequently, some attacks happened in Kono where APC members attacked SLPP office with human faeces. Again, no arrest, no justice!

Less than 95 days to elections, you have concentrated on various security sector ranging from, ONS, POLICE, ARMY, now ministry of defence and ministry of internal affairs. This is bringing some food for thought into the minds of Sierra Leoneans, especially when we all running to national elections. 

Mr. President, your governance system may end up into chaos if you do not handle this election properly. Your leadership style has forced civil servants to bow to your party membership or you don't get the job. 

You have succeeded to make yourself a life leader in a party that has capable people to hold position that you have held on to. You have also succeeded to force members of your party to bow and worship you, whatever you say, remain final. 

You succeeded to remove the legitimate vice president where the country's legal Supreme Court acted on your dictates to do the wrong judgment. You succeeded to transform many wrong things including contractors being APC before gaining contracts, foreign embassy of China to meddle into our internal political affairs etc. 

The relationship between security forces and people has been friendly and cordial after the war. The people of this country love the ARMY AND POLICE and other security apparatus.  We all expect to continue with this cordial relationship. Do not allow any set up between civilians and security forces. 

Mr. President, you came into power peacefully and please do not leave peace into pieces.  The people of this country are concerned with your untimely security arrangement on this crucial period we are running into elections. If I may ask, what is the meaning of security changes at this crucial moment? 

Mr. President, we honour you for strives you made in development during your tenure, CONGRATULATIONS but you cannot do everything. Have your rest now and allow smooth transition of powers peacefully?

Do not force power to where the people of this country do not want. Do not force the security forces against the people of this country. Ballot box in a free, transparent, credible and fair is necessary and relevant to foster peace and unity.. 

Mr. President, we cannot allow you to destroy what you met, the country SIERRA LEONE does not belong to Koroma family alone but many families. 

Lastly, we keep close eyes on your new security arrangement especially on Paolo Conteh. I love you so I volunteer to advise you for better Salone. Many heroes have come and gone. 


1958 -1980


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