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APC and KKY Claim to Erects the Bankasoka Hydro in Port Loko! Who is Correct?

By a Special Commentary (16/11/17)

Both the ruling APC and the KKY Movement are claiming responsibility of Bankasoka! Who is saying the truth? Sierra Leoneans want to know!

The National Grand Coalition NGC firebrand Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, the founder of the KKY Movement during his SLPP years, continues to publicise the Bankasoka Hydro Electricity Power Plant in Port Loko as his personal achievement during many of his political campaigns trails recently.

But APC stalwarts say otherwise and refuted all the claims made by the NGC regarding the Bankasoka Hydro. "Dr Kandeh Yumkella Koroma reaffirms his true nature of habitual impersonation and lies!!!," an ardent APC supporter blasts.

The APC press release reads: Days ago, the people of Port Loko chose to give the self-acclaimed flag bearer of the NGC a second chance to turn their minds away from the initial forgery and lies he used to kick-start his political career. Track records form a vital portion of ones integrity and ability to lead. We the people of Sierra Leone have been deceived by Dr Kandeh Yumkella's forgery of his SLPP party membership to the most recent mother of all lies.

The Godfather of all liars (Dr Kandeh Yumkella) fabricated a lie that will remain a negative legacy crafted from the pit of hell. This phenomenal lie obviously took a lot of time, resources and devilish craftiness to put together. From the deceitful edit of a forged video to a disgraceful speech aimed at deceiving our beloved nation to believe that he initiated and executed the Bankasoka Hydro Project in Port Loko.

An interview with Momoh Lawrence Turay, the Community Liaison Officer for the Bankasoka Hydro Project, was enough to clear the air, expose and shame the reincarnation of the "Father of all Liars".

Momoh Lawrence Turay stated with proof that the Bankasoka Hydro Project failed under UNIDO after the official launch of the project. The then UNIDO Secretary General was Dr Kandeh Yumkella who could not ensure even the commencement of a project that was designed to benefit his motherland.

President Ernest Bai Koroma who epitomises true leadership could not afford to have one unfinished project to his name. Two years ago President Koroma approached the Chinese government and successfully convinced them to efficiently ensure the commencement and completion of this project.

The Ministry of Energy has proceeded to prove that the Bankasoka Hydro Project was in fact the idea of the late S.I. Koroma who drew his inspiration from the Bumbuna Project. Due to unforeseen circumstances the project never could not commence in the 90s. Years later, UNIDO showed interest in the project but again nothing came out of it.

In 2007, President Koroma approached UNIDO which once again promised to rejuvenate the project. With all enthusiasm, the President held a meeting in Port Loko where he publicly appreciated UNIDO for their said commitment to bring this project into a reality.

Dr Kandeh Yumkella led UNIDO returned to demonstrate his inefficiency to see projects through by confidently and without remorse broke the hearts of his fellow countrymen by stating that UNIDO was incapable of funding the Bankasoka Hydro Project. Obviously, as then Secretary General of UNIDO, he was in position to ensure UNIDO fund the project.

The government of China without hesitation after meetings with President Koroma, the Minister of Energy and Power Henry Mccauley and a top Sierra Leonean delegation wasted no time in funding the construction of the dam which was contracted to Shanzi (a Chinese firm). Subsequently SCSE were contracted to efficiently execute the transmission and distribution network of the dam which is practically completed. The full commissioning of the completed Bankasoka Hydro Project is slated for midnext month.

A milestone has been achieved that promises to bring the entire nation closer than ever to uninterrupted electricity supply which all Sierra Leoneans desire. All thanks to His Excellency President Koroma, the ever resolute and progressive APC government and the government of China which remain our strongest ally.

We remain one nation bounded by one Love, one family that denounces liars and remains loyal to the truth for our greater good!!!

Courtesy: True Talk Media


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